Another case of foot-in-mouth disease in the RCC

Jean-Claude cardinal Turcotte has just shown that the RCC has not come to grip with its severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. In this story, Montreal’s archbishop claims :

In other words, legalizing gay marriage, will lead to legalizing incest :rolleyes:. By the same way of thinking, we could say that priesthood leads to child molestation. The difference being that with the proposed law, it is an hypothetical situation, while with the child molestation, it is an actual one.

And to continue the fearmongering :

That’s right moron, do what the RCC has been doing best for the last 2 millenias, spread the fear of the unknown.

You know, if it wasn’t revolting enough, it would be pathetically laughable. You and your church have been losing ground here steadily for the last half-century (give or take a decade). You think that’s the way to regain some of that lost ground ? Didn’t the poorly attended prayer vigils held last week-end show you that people are not interested in supporting you in this case ?

The frigging bill has not been written yet. Couldn’t you at least wait until it’s written before making asinine comments ?

Sorry, I don’t follow. Care to explain?

Munch, considering the amount of cases in the last ten years involving child molestation by priests inthe US and Canada, I think this comment should be self-explanatory. I didn’t say that all priests were all child molestors, nor did he say that incest will become the norm. I extrapolated the same way he did.

detop, all I’m saying is that your logic in that comment is faulty, regardless of the faulty logic used by Turcotte. He isn’t saying that gay marriage will lead to incest, he’s suggesting that gay marriage will lead to incest marriage (whatever the hell that is). Your analogy just doesn’t fit his analogy. At all.

Regardless, carry on.

Because HIS logic is as faulty as those saying that it’s celibacy that leads to child molestation (it doesn’t.)

Quite probably true.

The second you start expanding marriage, it will stop having any meaning at all, for anyone. As a result, ten years later, everyone could probably legally get married to everyone else.

I don’t think he’s sayin that gay marriage will lead to legalizing incest.

He’s just saying that incest is the next rung on the immorality ladder. Just before beastiality, I presume.

At least, that’s always what I think they’re saying when they use the “this will lead to that, where will it end?” argument.

I, personally, don’t see what’s particularly wrong with “incestual” marriage, but I would raise the (non-related) age from the current 14-18 years to at least 18, minimum.

I do think that it would cause society to rethink its stance on close relatives marrying if we were to reform our stance on same-sex marriage.

And this is a good thing.


The comparison to incest is idiocy at best, outright fearmongering demagoguery at worst.

Aren’t incestuous marriages against the law? Not just unrecognized, but against the law?

What’s wrong about blood relatives marrying?

No, seriously. What’s wrong about blood relatives marrying?

Check this?

I thought that site had lot more info when I posted it…

Well, the greater risk of birth defects is one. Societal taboo is another. I’m not talking about cousins, I’m talking immediate family.

Please tell me that I’m either being whooshed or y’all are talking about cousins…:eek:

It all started when those damned liberals legalized miscegenation. :rolleyes:

…and yes, I’m aware of the irony of somebody from Arkansas being taken aback at idea of incest…:o

ok I don’t know WTF is wrong with that jackass but there is absolutely NOTHING intelligent about his comment. How the HELL are gay marriages and INCEST the same or even REMOTELY similar (besides the actual sex act) what the HELL kind of sick fucker is he? I’m bisexual and would NEVER contimplate marrying or having SEX with my daughter. SICK FUCKER. I’m getting REALLY sick of the gay bashing fuckwits saying that allowing gays to be LEGALLY espoused will lead to dog fucking and horse/human marriages. What the holy hell is wrong with you bastards? Can’t someone be happy without you sticking your morality up their asses? JEZUS people just leave the gays alone, let them get married and live their lives in PEACE!!

Well, there’s a risk of birth defects if you marry someone who is a gene carrier for a birth defect, too. Should we make sure those lower forms of life never reproduce?

Seriously, I don’t see why adults should not, by default, be allowed to couple however they see fit. I think marriage is a silly and outdated institution, but if we have legal benefits for non-related gender-crossing relationships it would be only fair to extend the benefits to everyone.

Speaking only to the birth defects part of this post. I thought I remembered an article coming out, oh, maybe a year ago that said the increase in poosible defects was negligible. Let me see if I can find it or I’m imagining things.

Well shit… I’ve been looking for 1/2 an hour and can’t find it. I must be imagining things…

Well, I finally founf reference to it. It’s mentioned here in a CNN article about incest laws.

Click me to learn more!

Here the report is mentioned again with some more detail.

The report only speaks to first cousin marriage, nothing about bro/sis, which I must admit would be a little strange to me.