Another cat problem

Okay, I’ve had to move my computer downstairs into the living room ( currently decorating :frowning: ).

Anyway, as you probably are aware, computers have a whole heck of a lot of wires.

I have 2 cats. They like wires. One especially likes chewing wires.

Is there anything I can do?! I’ve thought about those funnel-y type wire protectors (y’know, the ones that looked like concertina-d drainpipes that fit around the cables.)

The problem here is that they don’t protect the cables as they come close to back of the machine (the drainpipes simply can’t run that close to the body of the machine), and are liable to be pulled out and chewed.

So, for the sake of the cats and my PC - can anyone help?!

My kitten used to like going behind the TV and messing with the wires.

I ate a few oranges and put the peel behind the TV. She never goes there now even though I’ve chucked the peel in the bin.

I think you can get some sort of citrus spray as well that keeps them away from things.

I really wasn’t aware that ‘citrus’ was anti-cat.

<Mr. Burns>Excellent…</Mr. Burns>

I don’t really fancy spraying my wires with orange juice - but if that’s one solution, I’ll certainly keep it in mind, thanks!

I was going to suggest something similar. Rubbing them with Tabasco sauce or something. It wouldn’t take very much to repel the cats.

Oranges would work as well as anything else. Cats really don’t like citric acid, I guess.

Go to a holistic health store or spa, and ask for essential oil of eucalyptus, lemon, or orange. It is like perfune, so you dont’ have to worry about stickiness or staining on most surfaces. Test is out first outside, for the stuff is powerful. A few too many drops and you might repel your cats from the entire room.