Another cat?!?!?!

We current have five kitties: Tobiko the big orange fuzzball, Rodney a big mean vicious black and white cat, Sasha the princess, Garfield our second big orange fuzzball that is slightly fuzzier than the first, and Stitches because he was severely damaged and stitched up when we took him in last year.

Now my brother is saying he wants to bring home his girlfriend’s cat for a while because her five year old brother is doing the tail tugging and chasing, and picking the kitty up and throwing him across the room type things that five year olds do. I love these cats, but six in a house… are you freakin’ kidding me!!!

At one point I had seven…three of them were itty-bitty, but still.
Six is doable, if you have enough room for them to escape one another, and I’d recommend at least 4 litterboxes, changed at least once a day. Best litter for multiple cats, IMO, is Arm & Hammer scoopable. Clumps well and keeps odor down.

And since you’re a guest here, I’ll break it to you gently: cat threads have to have pictures. It’s the law. :smiley:

Once you get past 4, it’s all the same.

Six cats? That’s nothing. I once had twelve cats in my house, having acquired two when a friend died (oh, we’ll take her cats until someone can find another home for them) and being presented with two litters before we had time & money to get one or ours neutered.

I am surprised you guys aren’t more surprised!!! Our house isn’t exactly small, but you would think that seven humans, five cats, two dogs, an aquarium, a terrarium (in my brother’s room, thank god!) and two hamsters would be enough… but nooooooo, apparently it’s confirmed that the cat will come live with us for a while. It’s a freakin’ zoo in here! :smack:

We have four in our household – and I’ve maintained that we just can’t take another one, even when the wife gives me those doe eyes whenever she sees a wee kitten up for adoption. :wink:

Five years old is definately old enough to learn how to treat animals. The kid isn’t a toddler and needs to be taught, rather than give the cat away. But still - I have four cats and five dogs in the house - it’s doable.


We just added Cat Number Seven to our household. This one was indeed a surprise; we weren’t planning to add another cat, but this one kind of chose us. So, when it comes to cats, I can’t be surprised at much anymore.

We have an 18 year old grey lady, a sweet round tawney tabby, her annoying tawney tabby daughter who went through a fanbelt, a fig shaped calico, a huge 25 pound siamese, a sneaky black fellow, a very sweet grey boy with a huge head, a very pretty lithe young orange and white male, a docile jellicoe girl, a schizophrenic calico, and a very easygoing and outgoing tortie.

In the last couple years we’ve lost an unusually tall orange and white male who was pigeontoed, and two diabetics on insulin twice a day. One of them had 10 very happy years this way, and made it to 17.

Yesterday Mrs. Napier almost brought home 5 kittens, 3 days old, abandoned by their overloaded mother (who had a litter of 10 and was slightly retarded herself). We’ve taken them that young before, but it’s alot of work!

Anybody know how to knit cat fur?

Pictures, people! C’mon, think of those living alone as busy uni students who must get their cat fix on the internet.

Another day? Another dollar. Another cat? A greater chance of encountering hairballs. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Night. On. The. Way. To. The. Head.

Watched a cat scamper across the field during the Vikings-Jets game tonight. Pretty black and white, looked well-fed, but jittery. Sorta like the Jets quarterbacks. :slight_smile: