Another day, another dollar...

A million days, a million dollars.

Heard this expression all my life and I guess it’s pretty funny in the right context.

But, how long IS a million days?

Math isn’t my strong suite; I worked on this until I remembered that leap years need to be accounted for and said the heck with it and gave up. Any Dopers with awesome math skills want to figure it out?


1,000,000 / 365.242374 = 2737.908 years

1,000,000/365.25=2737.85079 years or 2,737 years, 10 months and about 5-6 days.

ramel must’ve got me by a couple of seconds! And has better numbers. Touche my friend.:slight_smile:

Why worry about the leap year days? It’s on the order of 2739 years. That’s high end due to ignoring leap years, it will be a year and a bit out, but thats a couple of orders of magnitude less than 1%

I cheated and didn’t use any math…

I don’t know for sure if their answer is actually correct.

Btw, I had to massage the input into wolframalpha by inserting “today”.
If you just enter “100000 days” like this:

… you don’t get the answer spelled out in years-months-days.

The number of leap years to account for, let us note, will vary depending on exactly when one starts the million day period. But, as noted, their effect is pretty much insignificant in comparison to the magnitude of the thing.

With that kind of a pay scale, better live a long time to become a millionare. :eek:

Who does that VW song, y’all? I think it ROCKS!



Wynn Stewart

You just made my night, Indistinguishable, thank you!:slight_smile:

Although I am primarily a drummer, I do play a little accoustic and I’ve been looking for a song to pick and grin for my family for the holidays.

I love the line about “my family is my Thanksgiving”…

I had never heard that song in its entirety before and I love it even more now that I know it isn’t just a commercial.

Thank you once again, Indistinguishable.