Another difficult music id thread!

I think I’ve asked for music help 3 other times, giving nearly impossible tips, and each time this board came through.

I’m trying to find a song from the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. I went on iTunes and the album is listed, but unfortunately the links aren’t working.

There is a classical song played, I believe when Bettany’s character is crossing the island to get back to the ship in a hurry.

It’s a song I know I’ve heard before on the classical station, so it wasn’t a movie original. It was a bit rousing, I guess you could say. I’m sure it’s some standard from classical music, and me not knowing should probably cause myself embarrassment!

Anyway, thanks in advance!

I’ve never seen it, but the links appear to be working here:

I didn’t look at jsgoddess’ link, but here’s IMDB’s soundtrack listing.

I never thought to look there!

The song is Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.

Now to try and purchase it on iTunes. Not having luck yet.

Too late, but I knew that piece of music…

One of the most remarkable compositions ever: is it old and archaic? or new and cerebral? Is it cold and aloof? or passionate and intimate?