Another Disney flop: Emperor's New Groove has DOOM written all over it...

Desson Howe from the Washington Post gave it a very good review. He’s not one of those blurb whores. Ebert liked it. It seems the film is more in the line of a “funny cartoon” rather than “an animated message film.” Unusual for Disney these days, which may indeed lead to a disappointing box office. We’ll see. A lot of people like to yuk it up with a silly cartoon. Myself included, if it catches me in just the right mood.

Kevin Thomas from the Los Angeles Times says
«“The Emperor’s New Groove” is a delightful, effervescent morality tale for children conveyed with such wit and sophistication that adults are likely to be enchanted as well. In short, Disney’s fabled animation division has done it again…»

DDG, maybe the indicators are wrong for once?

. . . Now, let’s get back to “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Don’t the commercials for that little bon-bon make you want to put out your eyes with pointed sticks? I mean, someone actUally WRITES these movies—it’s not as if they occured naturally, like fungus! What movies did that “Seventies Show” kid turn DOWN in favor of this?

I was fortunate enough to see the film during it’s sneak preview last weekend and loved it. In my opinion, it was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. The audience seemed to agree since some lines were drowned out by laughter.

The film had an uneven start, sagged in the middle abit, but had a 20 minutes of straight laughs at the end.

It also broke out of the typical Disney formula…there is no romance and only one song sequence (in the opening scene). It does have a message that reaches out and smacks you upside the head, but I was willing to ignore it just for the humor alone.

I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up and plan to see it again this weekend.

I, too, feel like poking my eyes out with a stick when seeing the trailers for that movie. And I read somewhere that if you write a screenplay, it’s extremley hard to get it accepted in Hollywood. Then how does THIS crap get the thumbs-up to start shooting?



Anake wrote, re “Dude, Where’s My Car?”:


You know how they say every movie script only has a 0.01 percent chance of getting produced?

Well, how do they know it’s EXACTLY 0.01 percent? Huh? Did they do a survey? Did they laboriously count all the scripts that got rejected? No! The sordid truth is, we know what the chances are that any given script will make it into production, because the scripts that do get produced are selected by a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR!

This explains Showgirls, Batman and Robin, and Waterworld, as well.

SPOOFE Bo Diddly wrote:

Don’t forget, it’s also up against such instant classics as the Dungeons & Dragons movie. :rolleyes:

Having seen only the TV ads for this film (OK, I did hear the movie guy on the local station review it. He gave it 3 1/2 apples out of a possible 4), this movie looks like a hoot. Sure, they package it to make sure it looks appealing, but put a ribbon on crap, and most people will still recognize it as crap (refer to Dude, Where’s My Car? comments above).

New Groove looks like it’s going to be a fun bit of fluff, which, if that’s what you’re looking for, is fine. I sure as heck don’t expect it to stand up to the great comedies of all time, but if I wanted Bringing Up Baby, I’d watch it on my VCR. Nothing makes me sigh with despair like someone taking a movie that’s only meant to be a 90 minute diversion and lamenting that it doesn’t stand up to Citizen Kane. Total lack of perspective, if you ask me.

The movie looks painful. I don’t think I could sit through it without crying. (And lest you think I dislike Disney, “The Lion King” is one of my favorite films ever.)

On the other hand, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” looks absolutely entertaining (in a “Dumb&Dumber” sort of way). Actually, it looks kinda witty, if you ask me.

As someone who has reason to know way too much about what is going on in the halls of Disney I must say that the word on Emperor’s New Groove has been surprisingly good.

As a personal plug, recetnly had a couple good articles on the history of this movie by Jim Hill. I’m just glad I am not involved with the part of MousePlanet that would require that I see all the Disney movies as soon as possible.

My big problem with it preliminarily is the Hercules-style animation, but everything else I’ve heard is pretty good.

What??? Oh, damn. There goes one of my biggest reasons for hating Disney.

OK…i usualy despise and spit one everything Disney, but i gots to admit, this was far and above my lowly expectations. It was very witty, had some hillarious parts…and it has TOM JONES…what more do you need to see the movie…oh and the guys who played Putty on Seinfield does one of the voices…hillarious!

Hey, that’s what I was going to say! :slight_smile:

Pollo Boyo and I saw “The Emperor’s New Groove” yesterday and we laughed nonstop for the last 20 minutes. It was definitely different from the other Disney movies. PB thought it seemed more like a lot of the current stuff on Cartoon Network. Some of the jokes seemed to come out of nowhere and a few situations were surreal, but that’s exactly why we liked it.

We both thought that Patrick Warburton stole the show as Kronk (did he remind anyone else of Johnny Bravo?), and that the style was similar to the old Chuck Jones cartoons for Warner Bros. My only complaint was that a ladybug got eaten early in the movie. :wink:

The Emperor’s New Groove won’t replace Tarzan or the Lion King any time soon, but if you like silly movies then this is one you should see. I didn’t have high expectations for it going in, but in the end I wasn’t sorry that I spent five bucks to watch it.

I’m going to take the kids to it. The previews were funny, and it sure beats almost 2 hours of Pokemon (we argued over who had to suffer through them with the kids).

Feynn gets to take them to the Grinch. I don’t like Jim Carey, and I have no special place in my heart for the original story.

What, you don’t like being eaten?

Just saw the movie. One word: HILARIOUS. It’s more like a WB cartoon made by Disney, but what the heck? It’s too dang fun!!!

Hmmm…I seem to be hearing more positive reviews than I expected. At first blush, the trailers alone put it into the “Una’s Movies Never to See Even if Threatened With Rabid Badgers” category. But maybe it’s not sooooo bad…

C’mon, it’s David Spade and Disney. It’ll be surreal, if not funny. :smiley:

It was actually pretty good. I took a couple of my brother’s kids and they loved it. I could make out all the voices, of course, to match up with TV personalities, so that part was fun for me.

Somehow, the low-profile Disney flicks always find an unexpected place in our hearts. When The Lion King first appeared, it was believed to be just a small coda between the traditional Disney fairy tales (like, say, Oliver & Co. and The Rescuers Down Under). Well, now everybody knows what happened. Same thing will happen to ENG. Instant classic? Nope. A comedy to be remembered fondly for years to come? I think so. I can honestly say that I had LOTS of fun during the movie, especially the last third.