Another drug test question

I don’t smoke marijuana or anything else illegal, but perhaps my job could be in jeopardy just the same.

My favorite cereal is Nature’s Path Organic Hemp Plus Granola. It includes actual hemp seeds. It is the most delicious cereal I have ever tasted.

I work in a government agency where they subject employees to drug testing. I mentioned to a coworker that I eat Hemp Plus Granola and he said “You better save the boxtop!”

Do you think it really would show up on a drug test?

Regardless of whether I do drugs or not, I loathe with a fierce passion the idea that The Man can pry into your private bodily functions just because you have to earn a living. It violates a universal human principle of decency and privacy, and dehumanizes us in the most personal way. For the ultimate in personal bodily dehumanization, consider the film *Salo: the 120 Days of Sodom[\i] by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Not for the faint of heart.

There’s got to be some way to put a stop to this government/corporate invasiveness. There’s got to be some way to get the laws changed. Unfortunately, the madness of the current “War on Drugs” hysteria tends to squelch any rational appeal to human decency.

If they are pot seeds, sure, they would show up positive for a drug test.

Poppy seeds show positive for opium on those tests too.

No, not from what I’ve found out about how the tests work. The tests look for certain metabolites that your body produces from THC (the “active” ingredient in pot). Hemp seeds, like the kind in your cereal and in a lot of bird seeds, do not contain any THC. If there’s no THC, then your body cannot produce the metabolites from it that are tested for. Therefore, no positive.

I posted this on the other drug site, but there are drug tests that you can buy at the drugstore. They cost about $20, but you can pee and see in about 5 minutes. They are supposed to be pretty good. If it tests positive, at least you’d have a clue.

I don’t see what the problem is with that. If someone is giving you money with the stipulation that you aren’t to take drugs, why are you so mad about him checking?

Do they really have granola with hemp seeds?

I don’t see what the problem is with that. If someone is giving you money with the stipulation that you aren’t to take drugs, why are you so mad about him checking? **

Thin edge of the wedge. At work, I work. If I don’t work, then you should judge me. At home, I am home, you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to tell me what I can and cannot do at home. I can make an argument that any time you get drunk, you are not going to be as productive at my company the next day, therefore, you shouldn’t drink. I can also make a claim that people who go to bed early are more prepared to meet the challenges of the day…Therefore, anyone who doesn’t get enough sleep could face consequences. How about religious questions (everyone knows how hard working X are and how lazy Y can be)? How about race (same X & Y question)? How about cigarette smokers? How about single parents (obviously those single mothers out there don’t follow OUR guidelines for ‘proper’ thought and actions…)?

Protect basic rights, for they can be taken away from you.
If I am working hard and producing product, then you can’t and shouldn’t be able to say anything about me or my personal life. It is called privacy. It is called freedom. If you let 1 company choose its guidelines that interfere with a persons private life, then what is to stop another company from choosing guidelines that are against any other group out there?

Then there is the question about the the drug effect itself. Your statement assumes that ‘drugs’ are bad, or that a company can choose its employees based on their consumption of said drugs. Truthfully, I have worked with hippies and drunks and cigarette smokers…I’d choose to work next to the hippie any day, at least they had the decency to keep their recreation at home (and they always showed up on time and were pretty happy people to boot).

my $0.02 on the matter…

A Canadian court has just ruled drug testing by employers illegal. Breathalyzer tests of suspected drunk employees is OK but no drug testing allowed in Canada. I wish I’d saved the newspaper so I could give you more details. Canada rules!

Just to reiterate the earlier post, unlike poppy seeds, hemp seeds do not contain THC, the chemical for which a whiz quiz tests. Therefore, you should be okay.

I made my sentiments on urinalysis known in the other thread. But just to keep this one from breezing on over to the BBQ Pit, I’d offer this hijack:

I was under the understanding that drug tests were originally upheld in court for one very specific case only. That was for operators of heaviy machinery and other potentially life-threatening occupations. So how is it that a receiving clerk today can be forced to take a urinalysis as a condition of employment? Law students with free Westlaw accounts might be able to supply us with a little bit of case history.

I just can’t see someone getting away with saying, “well, last night he took a couple of bong hits before watching South Park, so he’s in danger of emasculating himself today with his box-cutter.”

It does seem to be getting out of hand–I had to take one to work at a sporting goods store! In the clothing department–