Another Excel Question

This has gotta be simple, but I can’t figure it out:
Sorting. How do I get the toolbar button for “Sort” to come up with my default instead of the options listed?
When I push the toolbar button “A-Z (down arrow)” it always reverts to one of the options I don’t want.
For example: Three columns, A,B,C. I want to sort column B first then A then C, by pushing the “Sort” button on the toolbar.
Thanks in advance, Jake
(Excel in Office 2000)

Do you know how to use macros? You can create a macro to do this, then add a button to the toolbar that runs your macro.

Do you need information on how to do this? I can help if you do.

The standard toolbar buttons seem to be a quick sort, i.e. the current selection only.
(Although it may nag you if the current selection seems to omit part of your data.)
(Also - if the current selection is one cell, it will probably assume the entire column or the “Current Region” which is all adjacent cells that have data)

If you want the Sort dialog to come up (the one you get through the menu Data/Sort) you can easily add a toolbar button to do that. The Sort dialog remembers the last sort you did unless you move to a new region of data. You will have to click Ok or press Enter of course.

If you want the same sort with one click of a custom toolbar button, you need to record or program a macro.