Another film ID

I saw this when I was a kid. Early-'70s. I saw it on TV, so it may have been a TV movie. It was about the conflict in Northern Ireland. I remember one scene where a boy is killed after being hit in the head with a rubber bullet, and his mother began ranting about rubber bullets while the soldiers looked very guilty.

Almost certainly Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Those events took place in 1972, which was probably about when I saw the film on TV; so I wonder about the timing. There was a film called Sunday, Bloody Sunday made in 1971, but Wiki says that was about a homosexual relationship and the film I saw was about The Troubles. ISTR some family conflicts, but I don’t remember what.

It’s definitely not Sunday Bloody Sunday, which had nothing to do with Ireland and had a working title of Every Bloody Sunday.

Emphasis mine. I’m gonna suggest that your memory is more likely to be slightly off than that there’s a plethora of films with such a scene in them.

I know I was a pre-teen. Maybe ten or so.

If it helps, the scene is in a road. Might have been a dirt road, but I’m not sure. There’s a crowd of people taunting soldiers or demonstrating against them or something. The soldiers may have been in trucks, as ISTR a higher camera shot looking down on the civilians.

ETA: Oh – It may have had ‘Children’ in the title.

Could it be A War of Children?

It had an Irish Catholic mother participating in the tar-and-feathering of her own daughter for the crime of having a love affair with a British soldier.

And it ended with her son dying from a blow to the head from another British soldier in the midst of an angry mob’s melee.

A War Of Children! That’s it! I thought the boy had been shot with a rubber bullet, but it could have been a blow. (I thought I remembered a rant about rubber bullets.)

ETA: Thanks, kaylasdad99. :slight_smile: