Another fingernail related injury! Anything I can do with it?

This morning I caught my (short) fingernail on something and lifted the nail a little bit up. It stings like hell, and there’s a line underneath the nail where the lifting occurred. It also grosses me out big time to look at or just think about. Otherwise, it feels like it’s in its proper place, such as it is.

Anything I can do to treat it or help it along, or is time the only healer here?

I will post something after I stop gritting my teeth…

IME, baby it a bit. Put a bandage on, one bandaid going over the top and one bandaid going around. If you are in a state that allows cannabis use for pain, a strong indica, like Afghani.

Man oh, man! Couldn’t you describe fingernails on a chalkboard, instead.:eek:
I often paint ‘liquid bandage*’ on fingernail issues. Or cut it as short as you can get it to the line you see. Might hurt a bit. Then bandage with a good soft bandaid. And in a few days it will harden up and you can just wait for the nail to grow back.
And again, “Gah!!!”
*found near the bandaide section in a store.

I think I can type now.

I echo Beck’s suggestion to clip the nail as close to the quick as you can. A squeeze of Superglue will stabilize things for a few days.

gritting teeth

Try to avoid such activities in the furure!

My SIL the chef uses superglue for cuts in his kitchen. I’ve tried it but dang it stings. The liquid bandage stings too, but not as bad.

I’d wrap the nail down tightly with gauze and 3M Transpore Tape. It’s the strongest sticking medical tape.

It’ll sting for awhile.

Securing the nail into place will protect it. I’ve found the nail will be fine after a week or two.

Don’t be such a wimp. Superglue stops stinging very very soon, holds better than that liquid bandage, is cheaper, and you can usually find it in the average house a whole lot quicker!

Geez. You’ve had babies! A Superglue sting is NOTHING compared to that!:dubious:

You’re looking at Ms. Wimp. I have no problem pulling the cannula out of my guts and changing my insulin pump location. I lanced my fingertips for decades. Gave my self injections. But superglue scares me. Go figure? I have considered that gel superglue.