Another gift from Covid: tinnitus

After my bout of Covid a few weeks ago I’ve had some lingering symptoms. A cough that shows up especially in the morning, some occasional stuffiness, nothing major. I noticed my neighbor(town house) started to play their tv really loud at all hours of the day and night. I assumed that’s what it was. Our place is pretty well insulated for sound. I heard what sounded like bass vibrations going in and out. I almost went over to talk to them. Then I realized I heard it when I wasn’t home. I hear it anytime there isn’t a lot of background noise. So it’s a sudden onset of tinnitus after I had Covid. Reading up on it there appears to be about 15% occurrence in Covid patients. That’s just great.

My brother-in-law had Covid in March 2020 and is experiencing the same, along with some tastes and smells not quite right.

I suspect that all post respiratory virus syndromes are going to get a lot of attention going forward. Omicron is so contagious we are going to have billions of examples of so called “long Covid” to study and hopefully treat.

I lost my taste and smell but it’s mostly come back. Mostly. Luckily the taste I do have seems normal just not as strong.

I will call my doctor tomorrow. I am feeling some pressure in my ears. I’m wondering if I have residual inflammation and if treating that will help.

I think I might have gotten tinnitus from the vaccination. I’ve always been protective of my hearing, wearing ear plugs and such. I had minor problems, but only when it was quiet. A week or two after my second shot I noticed it was a lot worse, now I hear it all the time.

I also read on credible sites that it can be a side effect of the vaccination. I did not have any problem when I was vaccinated.

I went to the doctor yesterday. He looked in my ears and saw nothing wrong. H shrugged his shoulders and recommended an ENT.

I’ve had tinnitus for many years, but it has nearly always been very low level (it would sometimes flare up a bit). I also now have it at a higher level and I think it came after my first shot. When I’m stressed, it seems to be the worst…or maybe I just focus on it more.

I’ve got tinnitus from a ruptured eardrum and I would definitely say it is louder when I’m stressed. I now consider it an early warning system for being dehydrated, sleep deprived, etc.

Mine started with my recent illness. I don’t believe in those kinds of coincidences.

I have found some articles making a statistical link between Covid and tinnitus but I can’t find if there are any deeper studies as to the cause or treatment.

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