Another health care question

I’m 75, I have only 34 SS quarters, not enough to qualify for medicare, and enough pre-existing conditions that I probably shouldn’t be alive. What would be my options if I moved to the US. Is there any insurance that would give me anything like the coverage I have in Canada? I would be saving $15-20K in taxes (depending on state taxes) so I could afford to pay at least that much. I guess you could say I am comfortable middle class or even a bit more.

Looks to me like a plan for a 75-y.o. man who doesn’t smoke can enroll in a plan with a $1000 deductible for about $800 - $900 a month, give or take. Prices go down rapidly with higher deductibles. Copays for routine visits are part of some plans but not others; same for Rx.

Some insurers will have difficulty hearing you when you tell them you’re not eligible for Medicare – they’re used to shoving off those over 65 to the MediGap plans.

I can tell you from personal experience that certain pre-existing conditions can make you uninsurable. If you have been without insurance for 6 months, you may qualify for the government-run pre-existing condition insurance program. I have no idea what the requirements are if you are not a US citizen…

FWIW, I am a citizen.