Another "ID the Book" Thread

Please help!! I’ve been trying to remember the name of a book I read when I was about 13ish. It was about a girl from a coal mining community who was a talented actress, but not a pretty one. Her brother arranges for her to attend some type of acting school–I think it was like a summer workshop. The name of the place was the title of the book. She ends up as an understudy for a prima donna actress and then gets to be the star when the actress won’t go on. I believe the name of this play was Noontide.

I remember the girl’s name–Victoria (Vicky) Lind and that her nemesis at that place was a beautiful, but talentless girl named Donna Russell.

I could have sworn that the name of the book was Sunnybrook, but all Googling will bring up is* Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm*. It’s frustrating that I can remember so many details from the story, but I cannot find it anywhere!

A million thanks to the one that can help me! :slight_smile:

Try here -

In case that link doesn’t work for you, just google Sunnycove by Amelia Elizabeth Walden.

That’s it!! SunnyCOVE is one I never thought to try–I tried Sunnydale, Sunnyville, oh anything I could think of.

Thank you…times a milliion! :slight_smile: