Another identify insignia Q

At Taco Bell today I saw a woman in green army fatigues. On her sleeve’s shoulder was a blue insiginia(?). Blue on the green and black was quite hard to see. It had a star in the middle and lines around it. Kinda looked like an Army Sgt. Maj.'s insignia buy not exactly. As I said, it was blue and on the camo outfit.

Any ideas? Is this a rank? A branch? Something else?

Depends. Was she in BDUs or pinks and greens (the short sleeved light green blouses and black trousers)? Usually on BDUs you have the flag patch on the left and your unit insignia on your right sleeve, small rank indicators on your collar points (blackened or not.)

Here’s some unit and division insignia, but really not an exhaustive list.

Is anything on this list lokking like it?

This page has all of the enlisted insignia for the U.S. military forces.

Perhaps you were looking at an Air Force member, as their rank insignia are blue with a star in the middle.

Billdo, I think you nailed it. Jayrot probably spotted an Air Force First Sergeant, or something of that sort.