Another instance where Zero Tolerance equates to Zero Common Sense!

Well, you know, parents demand the no tolerance policy (or don’t pay attention), then only bitch when it’s truly “no tolerance”.

Another great KOTH episode. When the principal said that, I wanted to jump out of my chair and yell “WHAT ABOUT PENCILS, YOU FUCKING IDIOT?!”


I just got this image of being pulled into the principals office and told to pay the fine and proceeding to count out the pennies one by one as slow as I could, and when told to hurry saying something like, “I am younger than you, I have more time to waste before I die. 27…Hold on, I forgot where I was…1”.

From the wheelchair story:

Now I know he means that he’s concerned for the safety of wheelchair boy and not wanting him to be hit by a car, but I still have visions of wheelchair boy motoring down the street leaving mangled teenage victims in his wake.

Any wheelchair-bound Dopers? Bryce and his parents are claiming that he has to use the streets because the wheelchair can’t handle uncut curbs. Is this true?

Still, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be stuck in traffic behind Bryce…

As an aside, I recall reading that blind people hate curb cuts because it makes it very difficult to navigate with a cane. Can’t please everyone I guess.

Actually, teachers are usually not to blame for the absurdities of “Zero Tolerance”; these rules are usually imposed by politically motivated school boards who promise parents that the complex, real problems of drugs, violence, etc. can be solved by simplistic solutions.

Well said. The problem, IMHO is that too many people want a simple solution, rather than an introspective, analytical, complex means of dealing with an issue.

Is it just me, or are other Dopers aware that society finds itself in a handbasket, and the increase in temperature is not owing to greenhouse effect?

I’m probably preaching to the Choir, anyway. Here endeth the rant. Go in Peace. :dubious:

Zero tolerance actually = COWARDICE.

It is a way for the school board to absolve itself from deliberating and judging individual cases. Just make this policy that applies to every case no matter what and you never have to take a stand or make a decision. Ain’t bureaucracy a beautiful thing?