Another instance where Zero Tolerance equates to Zero Common Sense!

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Two fifteen year old kids, boyfriend and girlfriend, both asthmatics. She forgets her inhaler, and he shares his with her while escorting the girl to the Nurse’s Office.

They’re treating the boy like he dragged her into the bathroom and mainlined heroin into her vein. Story here.

I’m a father, and my child goes to school not to absorb and regurgitate facts, but to learn other things, such as deductive reasoning, and when to challenge authority. Note that I’m not suggesting the school system precludes my role as a parent, not by a long shot. It’s increasingly difficult to teach your kids good things when school administrators continue to display head-in-ass judgement.

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I agree that this kid was trying to do the right thing.

I just hope justice will prevail and this kid will get off without punnishment. But sadly you can bet next time he ses someone in distress he’ll think 3 or 4 times before helping them.

I must respectfully disagree here. I wouldn’t, normally, but this boy has already been warned once, recently, not to share his inhaler - the story linked says he had offered it to another student before. AND the school nurse had already had some experience in helping this girl. so it’s not like she wouldn’t have received any help if not for the boy.

Albuterol is a prescription drug and should be regulated as such. Even if the kid KNEW for a fact that the girl was also supposed to take Albuterol, her dosage may have been different from his. If she took the wrong dose, her heartbeat could have been messed up. I do think arresting the kid was a little extreme, but as I said, he’d already been warned once of the consequences.

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This situation really is bizarre.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. I thought this was totally stupid, but I must say, the previous warning not to share confused me a bit. Perhaps he was doing the right thing in this particular instance, but since he tried to give a friend a cheap high previously, it’s coming back to haunt him.

Not enough in the link to get fully outraged.

This story is a few weeks old. If I recall from the previous thread, he did get away without charges being filed.

Also, both sets of parents knew they had the same prescription and the kid in question had permission from the girl’s parents to share his inhaler if necessary. Why she didn’t have hers, I don’t know.

But this was an exceedingly stupid thing overall, as usual with zero-tolerance stuff.

World Eater: Well, that’s part of the tragedy of zero tolerance: The school isn’t allowed to take any of that into account. No mitigating circumstances, no prior history one way or the other, nothing. Just that one act, regardless of its probable causes, and the punishments that have been Handed Down from On High for that act.

Shit. It’s like the Pharisees are running the schools.

From the article:

Where in there does it say that the previous attempt to share was “to give a friend a cheap high”? Do you have a cite for this assertion?

Asthma can KILL. If I had it, and I knew somebody else who did who had the same prescription I did, and they had an attack and didn’t have their inhaler but I had mine, I’d damn well let them use it.

That’s what’s stupidest about this. Granted it’s stretching things, but theoretically she could have died. I guess zero-tolerance rules don’t account for simple compassion or a potentially life and death situation. Idiots.

What I don’t get is that they arrested him at school without notifying his parents? And then held him for two hours before his mom could see him? He’s a juvenile who did not commit a crime of violence and posed no immediate threat to anyone. If he had to be arrested, his parents should have been notified of the action to be taken beforehand.

Looks like it was handled poorly all the way around.

Zero tolerance= zero common sense.

LifeOnWry, while I see where you’re coming from, your position is a bit untenable.

Especially if they were girlfriend and boyfriend, and both asthmatics, it seems almost impossible that they both wouldn’t have known exactly what was in each other’s inhaler, dosage and all. Hell, my boyfriend and I share Ventolin all the time.

Also, an overdose of Venolin (or albuterol) by a small amount seems to me FAR FAR less dangerous than the effects of an asthma attack. The only thing that happens when you have too much ventolin (and I base this assertion on observing my boyfriend when he was administered about 3/4 of what’s typically in a normal inhaler at the hospital) is that your heart beats a bit quicker, and you get the shakes.

Kid in wheelchair gets a ticket.

Another stupid one.

Thanks, World Eater, now I’m REALLY pissed.

I wonder if they’d ticket him if he was WALKING in the road? Somehow I doubt it. But if he can’t get on the sidewalk, what the fuck is he supposed to do? Stay at home and out of the sight of decent people, since he’s a cripple and all? (Warning: sarcasm.)


I read a story the other day about a school (in Texas, of course) that has a “Zero Tolerance” policy in their dress code. The dress code says that students have to have their shirts tucked in, and if a student’s shirt accidentally comes untucked the penalty is suspension. I swear the people who are teaching kids these days are the kinds of people who shouldn’t even be allowed around kids.

Anyone ever see the episode of King of the Hill where Hank becomes the substitute shop teacher and gets in trouble for asking the kids to bring tools (which could theoretically be used as weapons: screwdrivers, hammers, etc) to school? The dialogue, IIRC, went something like this:

Hank: Suspended for bringing tools to school? That’s just asanine!

Principal: Well, we have a zero-tolerance policy which states that anything that can be used as a weapon, is a weapon. Now, if I were to show the least bit of tolerance, it wouldn’t be called ‘zero-tolerance.’

Seems rather appropriate for this discussion.

Well, Bob Scene, I used to go to a school where the penalty for being out of uniform (untucked shirt, inappropriate socks, scarf, etc) was a $2 fine. It was stupid. I got two fines, so I paid in pennies.

Now that I’ve left, I hear that they’ve gotten even stricter about the uniforms, and now for being out of uniform you get two denetions and a Student Behavior Report.

Yet another reason that uniforms are stupid. I am so glad that i left that school.