Another Iphone question

FTR, an iPhone 7. I bought a Ram mount for my motorcycle and will run a power line for it. I want to run a map, but how do I get the phone to stay on, rather than going on standby after a few seconds?

According to Google you can set your iPhone lock time to “never” via the screen and wallpaper menu in the settings app. According to my very own iPhone, however, the “never” option doesn’t exist, 5 minutes being the longest option.

I have an android phone and not an iphone, but I believe that some of the same stuff applies to any phone type.

There are some apps that will automatically prevent the screen from timing out. Many map and gps type programs will do this.

If your map program doesn’t do this, then there is usually a setting where you can disable the screen timeout. This means that you will have to remember to put the screen into standby manually whenever you are done using the phone.

Some phones have an option to disable the screen timeout whenever the phone is connected to power.

Found it! It was under Display in settings, and offered various time out times, plus a “never” option. Thanks all!

With my iPhone (6s) while running any of my maps apps (WAZE, GoogleMaps, AppleMaps) the screen stays on automatically.

I wonder why mine doesn’t have it.

It’s called “Auto-lock”.

I know. It has everything you describe, it just doesn’t have the “never” option. 5 minutes is the longest.

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The trouble with WAZE, I find, is that the phone gets fairly hot. I assume with screen and GPS and data and map download, it’s doing an awful lot of work.

Do you use an Exchange account? If so, your administrator has disabled that option. If you delete the Exchange account, it should come back.

You are correct, I did have an Exchange account, but then that raises the question of why the hell having an Exchange account gives some “Administrator” the right to fuck with my personal phone’s settings.

Anyway, I don’t need the “never” option and the Exchange account is useful so I will reinstate it.

Probably because that was a condition for Apple (or anyone else) to license it from Microsoft in order to keep peoples work emails, calendars, etc more secure.

Lots of advice, but as noted by a couple others, this isn’t a problem you will encounter (at least with an iPhone).

I’ve tried several map apps on my iPhone (Waze, Google maps, Apple Maps, City Mapper) and never once had any of them shut off while in use. The app knows you need your screen to be on to navigate and keeps it on.

Each app has pros and cons. I find Waze is best by far for driving. It gives real time traffic and can reroute you around it. You can see exact locations of things like accidents speed traps, red light cameras etc. The negative is it uses lots of data. If you use it a lot and you have limited data be prepared to cutback use or pay for extra data.

As noted, Waze does make the phone hot, but I’ve never had that be a practical issue - i.e.: shutting my phone down with an over-heating warning, which I have had when I plugged it in and tossed it on the sunny dashboard while charging, Nothing a few minutes in front of the A/C vent couldn’t cure though.

As a side note - I’m baffled by Waze’s revenue model. The app is free, I don’t see ads. No idea how they make money.

My company allows people to access their Exchange mailbox (email, contacts, calendar) on their phones, but the agreement between my employer and the employee requires the employee to secure the phone with a passcode.

When I’m stopped at a stop light (or whatever), ads pop up for me, suggesting a nearby McDonalds or whatever.

Good point, I’ve never had ads pop up, but on mine the McD’s logo does show up prominently on the map itself hovering over the store locations like the bat signal on a dark night. There are also branded logos of gas stations and a few other businesses.

I’m sure that generates revenue, they wouldn’t do that for free.