Another Kennedy thing (Geography related)

Excuse me for bringing yet another Kennedy thread to the table, but this has been bugging me for a few days. It seems that some people are pissy about the hype of the JFK Jr.s death (and the Kennedy’s in general), while others feel the media coverage and government involvement in the search and burial is justified.

I’m going to postulate that those who care are from the east coast (with a proportionate increase in caring the closer one lives to New England). Likewise those who live elsewhere don’t care and wish it would all go away. Can I get a show of hands from people telling me where they live and how much they appreciate the media coverage.

I’ll go first. I’m a recent transplant to Wisconsin (from Missouri). I don’t care about the Kennedy’s, and the recent media hype has done nothing but PISS ME OFF!!! ahem…sorry.

I’m a 4th generation Californian and the last Kennedy to represent me died in Dallas when I was 9 months old. President Kennedy is the only one of the bunch that has any significance to me (to a much, much lesser extent, perhaps RFK, as well). The rest could never have existed for all I care.

I grew up in the west (Colorado). All I personally ever remember of the Kennedys is the notorious news: Chappaquiddick (sp?), date-rape, statutory rape, drug addiction. It wasn’t until junior high that I read about JFK Sr. or RFK, who both had their little scandals, too.

I understand the hype, being that the Kennedys are somehow the “royal family” of America. But the burial at sea? I didn’t think it was appropriate. My old roommate, a former Navy man, is livid:

But as to east coasties liking the Kennedys more: My wife’s cousin has lived in New England all his life, and he was the first to send me JFK Jr. jokes; some pretty mean ones at that.

I live on the East Coast and I think the amount of coverage and hype is totally out of proportion to the man. As I’ve said elsewhere, would Amy Carter or Julie Nixon Eisenhower get this kind of treatment?

Guy Propski:

No, but George W. Bush would. :slight_smile:

Chaim Mattis Keller

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Yes, George W. would get special treatment, but only because he is a public figure in his own right (with a little help from Dad). There’s a big difference in how the government should treat the death of a small-time magazine publisher and the govenor of one of the nation’s most populus states.

JFK got my vote in the 1st Presidential Election that I was eligable for. At his death, the “honeymoon” with the American people was over. The economy was bad, we had the draft (I, a victum),a new war was escalating in S.E.Asia. There was talk of him maybe not being what we had hoped. Many were upset with him for appointing brother Bobby Atty. Gen, & upset w/ Jackie for her spending spree re-doing the Whitehouse. I got a bit tired of "Camellot(sp?) I live in west PA, & feel that the JFK,Jr. thing was & is out of proportion to it’s true significants. I’m sorry that they died, but it was way too much!


PapaBear - I know…hence, the “smiley” at the end of the line there.

Chaim Mattis Keller

Sorry, Chaim, I didn’t mean to sound like I was correcting you. I just wanted to expand on your accurate comment.

I live in New England, and think the whole thing is a crock. I feel sorry for the family and all, but gimme a break - the guy is the owner of a third-rate (IMHO) magazine, NOT the president of the US. The fact that taxpayer dollars are going to the Navy destroyer and all…


I don’t think it has to do as much with geography as it does age. I am 38 and JFK, Jr.'s death hit me on a number of levels.

First, we were the same age within a couple of months. Whenever anyone my age dies it always makes me realize just how mortal I really am.

Additionally, my mom and dad, a mixed race couple, voted for JFK and were great admirers of him. They appreciated his support for civil rights - rightly or wrongly depending on whom you listen.

Thirdly, my parents, many of my teachers while I was growing up and my friends talked about JFK’s assassination quite a bit. It kept the Kennedy family as a current topic in my environment and therefore I believe it created a sense of compassion for the younger JFK that might not have existed if JFK, Sr. had lived.

Lastly, for some, i.e., friends I have spoken with, JFK, Jr. seemed like America’s son who became so when he saluted the riderless horse.
Oh yeah, I live in Kansas and was raised in Oklahoma.

There’s no talking to you negative celebrity bashers. You hate anyone who gets more attention than you would at any given point. Sounds to me like you wanna live in a socialist society. Feel free to move if you’d like.

I need to correct AWB’s incesant rant. He was given no military/naval or any other type of burial that was out of line. There was a priest, a few family members and a quiet spreading of the ashes with three wreaths. No 21 guns, no ceremony so your navy friends can get his head out of his ass and calm down.

I believe that the media attention was a bit much, but the media always overdoes everything. Nothing will ever change that. The search was likely not out of the ordinary, evidenced by a substantial search conducted today on Lake Michigan for one man who fell off a inner tube being pulled by a boat. A large Coast guard and state force were in the water looking until the poor bastard washed up on the beach. You need to excuse the government for being a bit zealous in their press briefing and presidential statements, but when the media is out in force its best that they err on the side of caution with to many resources than not enough. Even if they did use above average resources, there is no arguing that this is in the interest of the nation.

To answer the question I’m 23 and from Chicago born and raised. I guess I care because I’m in the minority who respect public figures and am not jealous of them.

One more thing, any of the children of past Presidents would get the same amount of national resources should they have disappeared under unusual circumstances. Media coverage is another story, but its not like you can control that.

I have to agree with Omniscient on this one.

I can’t help but thinking that JFK Jr., who lived his life with dignity - and relative anonymity, considering who he was - would hate this debate. I think the memorial they had for him and his wife and sister-in-law was fitting and just. Whether any of you like it or not, his father was one of the most beloved historical figures this nation has ever had.

The family successfully averted a potential circus with avoiding an actual burial site.

I really hope the negativism and lack of respect shown on this message board isn’t indicative of where we are headed.

BTW, I’m a 26 and was born and raised in Iowa.

I would venture to guess that those who think the news coverage was fair or (heaven forbid), not adequate, are probably the same ones who read People Magazine, The Enquirer, watch Jerry Springer & Ricki Lake - they have just got to have the latest gossip. Like it is some kind of “fix” for them.

Or perhaps you could split it down party lines. Dems = not enough. Reps = too much!

I think it was way too much coverage for a magazine editor with a model(former)- wife. I was born & raised in NC and I vote out all incumbents.

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{{"Why was JFK Jr. who never spend a day in public service of any kind Peace Corp., Coast Guard, Red Cross, and especially “military” given a military burial at sea with a 21 gun salute? This is absolutely insulting to anyone who served in the military.

I, like most republicans are “RELEAVED” he’s gone! It’s a sad day for the Kennedy’s, but I don’t know where they get off saying it’s a sad day for the country. I think People Magazine is in big trouble now! But, beyond that, I think I’ll carry on just fine." }} Person quoted by AWB
Your old roommate sounds like a real idiot, AWB.

Yes, George W. would get special treatment, but only because he is a public figure in his own right (with a little help from Dad). [[There’s a big difference in how the government should treat the death of a small-time magazine publisher and the govenor of one of the nation’s most populus states.]] Papabear
I’m afraid you lost me, there, Papabear. Why should the federal government care more about George Dubya?

Because he’s served his country in a significant capacity (Texas Governor). I’m not saying he’s worthy of such honor, but it certainly makes more sense in his case than it does JFK Jr.'s.

So you respect famous people just for being famous? Maybe you’re the one who needs to get a life, instead of living yours vicariously through the rich.

Well, I only hope that out of all of this, the notion that the United States has no aristocracy will be demolished once and for all. The only reason JFK Jr. got any of this special funereal treatment was due to accident of birth. That sounds like aristocracy to me.