Another laptop with SSN's and personal data stolen.

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I just got a letter from my employer (AT&T) alerting me to “Potential Exposure of Personal Identifying Information”. It seems that an employee of a “professional services firm” had their laptop stolen. There were files containing names, SSN’s, and benefit information on the hard drive.

So, hey, they’re springing for a year of Equifax Credit Watch Gold. How nice of them. What could be better? Oh, I don’t know…maybe not letting contractors download the stuff to their own laptops in the first place? Oh well – I guess I know what I’ll be doing most of the day on Monday: making the requisite phone calls to credit agencies, etc, ON COMPANY TIME, ON A COMPANY PHONE, ON A COMPANY COMPUTER, AND USING THE COMPANY’S NETWORK. Try and stop me.

I wonder if they will make any kind of media announcement? I think that they’d much rather keep it quiet.

I have to agree with your contention with your employer allowing that kind of information to be downloaded on a third party’s laptop. That just doesn’t make good sense.

My wife just got the same notification. I did not realize you were another AT&T’er. Did you come with the name or from SBC? My wife survived every cut with AT&T in the last 15 years.

Now this right before our vacation. Even the timing sucks extra!

We seem to be double dippers, I was on the veterans hardrive, so now we have both been endangered by bad security outside of our control.


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