Another legend lost: RIP Max Roach

I was surprised there wasn’t a thread here already. I searched to be sure: my apologies to the OP if I missed it.

Max Roach, a Founder of Modern Jazz, Dies at 83

Link is an excellent obit from the Times. If you want to know more about his sound, head over to Drummerworld and spend some quality time, some abstract time, some polyrhythmic time…
Going to be one hell of a session in heaven tonight.

Max Roach Vs. Elvin Jones Vs. God

Drum Battle!


Aw, damn. I was just listening to some Max yesterday–I had downloaded We Insist!: Freedom Now Suite from iTunes a few days ago, after having tried for years to find it on CD (oddly, even the iTunes version turns out to be a crackly vinyl dub), and just got around to listening to it.

Bye Max, say hi to Elvin and Tony and Art for me.

Sad to hear. R.I.P.

I was really sad to hear this news yesterday. I wore out a “Buddy Rich vs. Max Roach” record when I was a kid and really adored his style of playing.

As far as bebop goes, he was one of the last greats to go and the world seems a little emptier without him.

I just heard today at lunch. He was my favorite drummer of any style of music. It is a huge loss, he was a brilliant drummer and a fantastic person. Listening to the Clifford Brown/Max Roach sessions was the first time I really “got” jazz. BeBop is still one of the only styles I really love.