Another "Lovesick trapeze artist attacks co-worker with bull castration tongs" story


Man, I hate when that happens.

<waiting for the Bull Castration Tongs Lobby to check in>

When tongs are outlawed, only outlaws will have castrated bulls.

Tongs don’t castrate people, people castrate people.

Clearly, you’ve never seen Night of the Living Tongs.

Moral of the story: 46 year old belly dancers are sluts. :smiley:

Yeah, but I think the tongs help.

This is why i never get involved with belly dancers.

That last sentence looks incomplete to me:

  • … The assailant was convicted of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. He was also fired from the circus. *
    … tent ? … canon, maybe ?

i love the line: “he was also fired from the circus.” what? he couldn’t keep the act going in his jail cell?

I’m starting to think Austin Powers is right about those circus folk…

Ah… a tale as old as time itself…

Assault with an oddly flattering weapon.

An eloquent way of suggesting your former lover is a loose woman.

“Trapeze?” “No, clumsy. But they’ll do the job.”

As for those suggesting that “he was also fired from the circus” is an odd way to finish the story, what would you have them do - give him the sack?

Hey, won’t you play, another lovesick trapeze artist attacks co-worker with bull castration tongs song?

I’m still waiting for the musical.

Way to hit those high notes!..