Another Movie Tears Thread: Choking Up at a Not Really Tear-Jerking Scene

The Joy Luck Club is one of the few movies I’ve cried at. But the scene I cried at wasn’t a typical tear-jerking scene.

In the movie, Waverly is a sort of stuck-up Chinese-American woman who as a kid was a chess champion. Her mother bragged so much about her, that Waverly swore off chess for awhile, much to her mother’s anger. Finally, Waverly announced that she was ready to play chess again. Her mother said she would never be as good as she used to be at it. It turned out that Waverly had lost her touch, and could not play chess anymore.

I teared up at this sequence in the movie because I was having severe writer’s block at the time, and for me, the fear of never writing again was staring me in the face.

I am writing now, by the way. So I got better.

Have you ever started crying at a movie that might have others react to you as :confused:

Oh, sure. It doesn’t have to be a sad scene! It can be a 'we did it! we’re the winners/we saved the world/we had the baby/the boy or girl is in love with me". I can cry at coming attractions. Yeah, I’m just a big simmering pot of hormones. … Any movie with animals usually gets some tears from me. The Incredible Journey. Milo and Otis. Babe. I’m crying like a baby needing a midnight feeding.