Another national black eye for the city of Columbus

It’s stuff like this that made me move out of the city in the first place.

I really wish so-called “leaders” like Jim Tressel would stand up and stop making excuses for these hoodlums. There’s obviously something deeply wrong with OSU society that makes this sort of behavior acceptable.

If I were walking down the street wearing and OSU shirt, and a police officer were to stop and ask me a few questions, I would understand that he had a good reason; OSU fans are more likely to commit violent crimes and property destruction than anybody else. He’s simply looking out for the well being of the community.

Somebody should really pay for the damage that these thugs have caused, but nobody in the OSU community is willing to accept responsibility for what their children have done.

Social programs and government giveaways to the University won’t make a lick of difference, either. OSU students better shape up, quit watching football, and quit drinking beer, until somebody else does it for them.

I’m getting this incredible sense of deja-vu

…all over again.