Another New Low in Journalism: "Captive Whales Will Kill, OSHA Warns" in Earlier Report

I was reading looking up some best of The Onion articles and getting a big kick out of them when I stumbled across one in their classic style that I thought was pretty clever. That was, until I realized that I clicked on the CNN home page by mistake and watched the video without realizing it was supposed to be serious news. The Onion’s production values match CNN and other news sources really closely these days and they made a satire without even knowing it. Even the interviews are hilarious if you think you are reading an Onion article.

The front image shows three orcas nose-diving something. I suppose the editors did their job by only using a variation of the word ‘kill’ only once in the title as a stylistic matter.

It is up now.

In a late-breaking update, CNN reports that killer whales are not only killers but are, in fact, also whales.

If Killer whales kill, I’d hate to see what a Sperm whale or a Humpback whale does…

That’s why we build our subs to swim faster than the whales, now-a-days.