Another obscure movie question. . .

I can remember only a two scenes:

In one, one of the Arabs is stabbed on the other side of a door by a knife that has been plunged thru the door.

Later, one of the Arabs says, “Where is Un-Kabar?”

The response “Un-Kabar is dead.”

(“Un-kabar” is the way I heard it when I was 8 years old, but it should be close.)

This might have been made any time from the 40’s thru early 60’s.

No one was stabbed thru a door. Just my imagination.

And they weren’t Arab’s. They were Mongo(l)ians.

And the chap’s name was not ‘Un-Kabar’. The person actually said Emperor Ming.

And the title of this ‘movie?’ The original ‘Flash Gordon’ (1936), either the last or penultimate chapter.

I happened to catch this recently, and there’s no doubt in my mind it’s what I (mis-)remembered.

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Damn, 18 years to answer your own question. Nice!

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There’s a stabbing through the door in Kick-Ass, too.

Gee, way to make the OP look like an idiot.

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