Another one running in Minnesota

Well, there’s another one (besides Michelle Bachman) running in Minnesota.

Wes Whitby, a tea party guy who beat out the Republican endorsed candidate for the State Legislature in my district, sent out a postcard containing this:

One comment in the district was:

I see that kind of error in internet postings frequently. But I’d think that a candidate would proof it better before printing & mailing thousands of postcards to voters. Or maybe he just doesn’t see the problem?

And, of course, the error comes in his position on education.

The problem is the liberal establishment focusing on making a patriot look bad for not following the liberal agenda, not another stupid goddamned ignorant teabahger who doesn’t see the humor in a sign telling “morans” to get a brain.


Has he made an attempt to spin this into a(n) “I was just testing y’all” kind of gaffe?

That wouldn’t help him. People in Minnesota don’t trust people who say “y’all.” :stuck_out_tongue: