Another one to add to the list - God hates Mexico

Well, in addition to Canada, Sweden, Italy, and of course the US of A, it seems God hates Mexico now as well.

Umm… I make no claim to knowing a lot about the Incas and Aztecs, but are they renowned for their homosexuality anywhere besides Phred’s fevered brain?

I wonder if they’ve bought their plane tickets to Italy yet? Anyone really believe they actually will hop over to Italy? Should make for an interesting reaction if he does!

PS Yes, I know some people say we should just completely ignore that poor sick confused soul, but he is SO funny!

Well, if God hates Mexico, he better watch out for Montezuma’s Revenge.
And I know he claims he found Jesus, but does God hate Ron Mexico?

Is there anywhere in the world God doesn’t hate, according to Fred Phelps? Some little chunk of an iceberg in the Antarctic, maybe?

I took a Latin American studies class in college but we only spent a little time on faggot indigenous nancy boys of the Ancient Americas. However, one thing in his proclamation really sticks out at me. The Incas were South American Soddomites who never even got close to Mexico. I am pretty sure they would have liked a little tropical beach action in Cancun but they had their own thing going on. I guess we should all pray for Peru now. Fred Phelps seems like a pretty decent guy all around but he apparently sucks at geography. I see why people think he is a blowhard for writing something like this.

Apparently there’s a shortage of maps in this country, so it’s not his fault.

Ah, good times…that joke isn’t going to die any time soon…

No, but Dog certainly does.

God hates icebergs too. That’s why He created global warming.

Only Phred’s little corner of Topeka…

If god didn’t hate Topeka, then why did he put it in KANSAS?!?!?! (sorry, had to say that, former Kansan here)

As far as Phelps goes, I just with the good lord would call him home so he can stop making other christians look bad. This is just one guy who has waaaay to much power over people and he knows it. I just wish he’d go away. Far, far, far, far away.

No, no… mariposas are butterflies. It’s mariposos that are gays. Darnit, if you’re going to use a slur, at least spel it rite, Phelps!

Other Christians? Phelps ain’t no more of a Christian than I am and I ain’t no Christian at all.

Not to mention that from Phelps point of view, there are no other Christians. He’s it. Maybe some of his most servile followers, but I’d be willing to bet he constantly lambastes them for not being “true” Christians like himself.

What a strange egocentric religion he’s created there where he and he alone is the one true member.

asterion, good one! And without a map, how ever shall I find thIraq?

Phred’s compound is saintly. But I suspect there are little pockets of evil faggotry even there. “God Hates the Northwest Corner of the Kitchen!”