another plumbing question

As some of you figured out, I am doing some remodeling and trying to do as much as I can myself.

I have questions about running water lines:

1 Do I have to run the hot and cold water lines to the sink together or can I get the cold water from the main line (very close to where the sink is going) and run a hot water line from the hot water heater by itself. I know there is no real reason that I can’t do it this way but I don’t recalling seeing a hot water line run by itself and was wondering if there is anything against the code in doing it this way.

2 I am also making a extra line for a hose on the other side of the house. This run will be going through an unheated crawlspace for about 50ft. Can I set up a drain valve at the lowest point to drain the water in the winter (or a valve at the highest point to allow air in to get the water to drain out? Any special valve needed to do this?

3 Hi Opal

Go to the alt.home repair newsgroup.Lots of informative posters/tradesmen there.

  1. There is no need to run a matched pair of lines. Get the HW and CW from the sources most convenient to install and using the least amount of materials.

  2. To do this, install a shutoff valve where the hose bibb line branches off, and slope towards the hose bibb at 1/8" per foot or more.

Make sure you use a frostproof bib- also known as a sillcock. They are about a foot long and the valve portion is completely inside the house; this prevents freezing pretty well, as long as you remember to take the hose off and open the valve before winter. Good luck!