Another Potential Doomsday Scenario

I realize you were looking end-of-earth cataclysm, however I think we should consider pandemic as a possibility for the end of humankind. This could actually take place in three ways, I believe.

The obvious is a deadly disease with extraordinarily easy transmission.

Less obvious would be a disease or environmental factor that prevents procreation.

A third possibility is a disease that destroys major food sources such as wheat, corn or rice. If for some reason we were unable to produce ample grain we would experience worldwide famine and also experience consequences of famine, such as disease and war.

I would say that pandemic or famine should rank right up with global warming, and they could certainly tag team us.

~ Sunfyre


From the Master: many Americans are as vulnerable to smallpox as Native Americans were at the time of first European contact.

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All of this is possible, and even likely, but as it has not happened that scenario is fiction fantasy. More probable is we grind ourselves into the dust of entiquity by less dynamics.