Another Prince?

Watching the credits for Fargo, I noticed that the name of the guy who played “Victim in Field” was an odd symbol that looked like a plus sign next to a fat letter P.
Something like that. Why is this? Is this movie credit maker code for something?

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According to the Internet Movie Database (, “victim in field” was played by one of the film crew. See I’m guessing he used the symbol as a joking reference to The Artist, since the movie was set in Minnesota.

As an aside, in case you are unaware of this:
Even though the movie says that it’s based on actual events, noone has been able to find anything even remotely like what is depicted in Fargo, according to Snopes. Not in North Dakota, Minnesota, or anywhere else. Chalk one up to artistic license (which is apparently movie jargon meaning “producers who lie out of their asses”).

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Some of the events occurred in different murders, none of which were in Fargo. The wood-chipper scene was actually a guys disposing of the frozen body of his wife. He had killed her days earlier and kept her body in the deep freeze until he rented the chipper (using his credit card). The case was the subject of a Discovery Channel New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Scienceepisode.

There’s also a book on that case called, what else, “The Woodchipper Murder”.

Oh, yah? Geeze. I’ll have to get dat one.

Re: the previous statements about “The Woodchipper Murders” and “some of the events occurred in different murders” the Coen brothers 'fessed up to the fact that they made the story up in interviews with Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. Which is why at the end of the film you’ll also see the obligatory small print “any resemblance to persons living or dead…”.

The Coens are comic geniouses and heirs to the throne of the late Stanley Kubrick, IMHO and play dandy little jokes like the pseudo-Artist-Formerly-Known-As (Jesus-Isn’t-Prince-A-Prententious-Enough-Name-As-It-Is?!) symbol.