Another question about Harry Potter.

My niece and I were talking about Harry Potter tonight and she asked me two questions I can’t answer.

  1. Why didn’t snapes dark mark appear in the first book, seeing that Lord Voldemort was there right next to him.


  1. How come people knew that Voldemort was a student, but they had no clue it was Tom Riddle in the second book? Even Hagrid knew Voldemort had been a student, seems like it would be common knowlege?

I’m not going to bother with spoiler boxes since I’m not really giving away any more than the OP did.

  1. I thought the dark mark only appeared when Voldemort wanted to get the attention of his followers.

  2. I don’t understand this question. Who had no clue what was Tom Riddle in the second book? Are you asking why Harry didn’t guess that his magic diary friend was really the Big V? If so, I don’t see why the idea would ever have occured to him. Harry doesn’t seem to remember what Voldemort looked like, and he had no reason to associate an apparently nice young Hogwarts student from the past with the most evil wizard ever to live.

No sorry- guess I should have been clearer

Dumbledore at then end of chamber of secrets is talking about how no one knew that voldemort had been tom riddle. But it seemed like it was common knowlege that he went to Hogwarts, why wouldn’ t they know who he was before then? I mean the weaslys didn’t have a clue.

Ah, that is an interesting question. Maybe Rowling will explain later, but I’ll make my guesses.

First of all, since Voldemort was so bitter about his past and family that he made up a new name for himself and everything he probably never announced that he was once the boy known as Tom Riddle. I seem to recall there being some suggestion in the fourth book that when Voldemort killed his family he also made it look like Tim Riddle had died.

Even if I’m misremembering that, it does make sense that Tom Riddle would want to fake his own death before reappearing as the Big V. After all, as Ron said, Tom Riddle probably came across to his classmates as something of a Percy type of guy. Not very scary. Voldemort’s image wouldn’t be hurt by people knowing he was a Hogwarts grad (maybe he even bragged about being from Slytherin House), but better that people not know who he had been. More mysterious that way. If Voldemort faked Tom Riddle’s death and/or sufficiently altered his appearance, people would have no reason to guess he was once that unassuming, hardworking, cleancut orphan boy.

Lamia nailed it.

Although its entirely possible that certain people knew or guessed it - his nearest followers, like Malfoy, may have known, and Dumbledore certainly could have guessed.

maybe I am whacked in the head but I don’t buy that it was common knowlege that Voldemort was a student at Hogwarts but no one had a clue who he was, and I had very solid reasoning behind this before I realised that I am reading way too much into it and should find a new hobby LOL