Another reason for me to appreciate my wife

Those of you who have met her know that my wife has a seemingly infinite number of fine qualities. Add this incident to the list.

Our upstairs toilet broke a day or so ago. Not in a big way; the arm attached to the flush lever broke, and the toilet wouldn’t flush unless you reached in and lifted the chain attached to the flap valve.

Tonight I went to the local Home Dopey, picked up a new lever and arm, and spent about 15 minutes or so replacing the broken one. Honestly, no biggie.

Well, you would have thought I’d designed and built the pyramids, the way she was kvelling over it. In spite of my protestations that it was easy to diagnose, and easy to fix, she kept saying, “Well, I lifted the lid of the tank, and I didn’t see anything broken or missing. And you did. And you fixed it!”

Any woman who makes you feel like a hero for replacing a two-dollar toilet part in fifteen minutes is a woman worth keeping around.

Become a plumber. She’ll love you forever. :wink:

Reminds me of that old Geritol commercial. “My wife,” he proclaims with a proud grin. “I think I’ll keep her.”

Oh, I thought you were going to mention that little thing she does when you kiss her on the …, oopse have I said too much?

Dude! you are one lucky man! Enjoy it, savor it, treat her well. :cool:

In my household, I’d be the one to fix the toilet.

Do I get any Cool Woman Points for that?