Another religiouso decides gays need to be shot in the face

So a Religious Righty-Tighty decided it should be legal to shoot homosexuals in the face and so he is going through the process of getting a law on the California ballot.

Read the PDF of it. Some highlights
Part A
Buggery? Really?
Apparently God is a Founding Father because he’s the one that gives us freedom and liberty.
It’s spelled “Gomorrah”
Part B
I missed that part of the Bible where God will kill all of us because of others “buggery”
Part C
I love that you can be expelled from the state. Is this the only law with this as a punishment?
Part E
SCofCA is the only court authorized to rule on the legality, as long as they have a quorum of non-sodomites
Part F
How classic would it be if the author of this proposition bumps against me so I can shoot him in the face for his “attempted buggery”.

I saw that and wondered if he realized that oral sex counts as sodomy, regardless of whether or not both participants have penises…

State of California trolled for lulz. Pictures at 11.

There’s already a thread on this somewhere. It may have faded quickly.

While the title uses the word “sodomite”, the text of the act is somewhat more specific, referring to

“Shot in the head
And you’re to blame
Darling, you give god a bad name…”

The rest of the song works as is.

“Another religiouso decides gays need to be shot in the face”

Or, when California pulled a Uganda. :smack:

California “death penalty for sodomy” proposal could appear on ballot.