Another Running Apparel Question: This Time it's Underwear! (For me)

I need a good pair of underwear/boxers/something for my mid-range runs.

If I’m just doing a 2-miler or 5k or whatever, I’m perfectly fine and comfy in my regular everyday wear boxers. On the other end of the spectrum, for 10-milers and halfs I have a pair of skintight athletic shorts I wear.

The problem I’m having is the regular boxers don’t work for anything longer than a 5k before getting uncomfortable, and the athletic shorts aren’t comfortable enough for me to want to wear for anything shorter than 10 or so miles.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something to wear for my mid-range runs? Any specific fabrics or brands for me to look for?


I wore athletic briefs from New Balance for a while, but then I switched to a pair of those skintight athletic shorts. Mostly, I just need to be able to trust that things won’t be bouncing around or shifting on me. :slight_smile:

All my running shorts have built in briefs. I never wear underwear when running unless it’s very cold and I’m wearing tights.

Athletic shorts being, what, like sports bras for male bouncies?
I would have thought that synthetic briefs, perhaps preferably bought in a sports shop, would be sufficient although that may be because I haven’t run enough. You can often have a feel for whether or not something is breathable just by touching it.


C9 performance boxer briefs from Target

Yay! A running question! Finally, a thread to which I can meaningfully contribute!

::Looks excitedly::


Sorry, STC. I wear tight nylon trunks - longer than briefs, but not as long as boxers - as my regular skivvies, but I go commando on my runs. Most of my running shorts have mesh liners. If I’m going more than ten miles, I’ll use Aquafor on my inner thighs (as well as nipples and armpits and one other chafe-prone area that I’m sure you can figure out). Having sweaty cotton boxers bunched up in my crotch during a run would be a huge annoyance.



I primarily wear LuluLemon Pacebreaker shorts.

I like Tommy John, but they are pretty expensive. So I just wear a mix of champion brand from Target. Stores like TJ Maxx are good for sports underwear.