Another seat for the Democrats... (Rep. Mark Foley)

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This guy, I actually pity him. It’s so transparent, and he’s in a position of such obvious power. These guys, they never learn do they?


I’m glad I don’t wear boxers. I’d feel all… oooogey right now. :smiley:

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Maybe using the bolded quote was in poor taste, but couldn’t a case be made that Foley was trying to use a catchphrase made famous by the Austin Powers movies starring Mike Myers?

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Yep. It’s official. You’re going to hell. :wink:

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Out of curiosity, anybody know what Foley’s stand on things like gay marriage was before this?

Yeah, I wonder about that. One article said that the kid was very emphatic about calling the request “sick”, which makes me wonder what kind of photo Foley wanted him to send. Not his yearbook photo, I would imagine, so I wonder what were the specifics of the request.

Sometimes, when people have a problem, they have to hit rock bottom before finally getting help. In this case, it would presumably be a rock-hard, sixteen-year-old bottom, but hey.

You ever…seen a…grown man naked?

Timmy, do you like gladiator movies?

There are several pages involved in this, apparently. In a link to IM transcripts in another thread, he was asking a kid about how he masturbated and how often, and said something about wanting to see his “cute butt” going up and down. I’m fairly sure that wasn’t in any of the Austin Powers movies.

Not that it’s at all relevant, but he voted against the SSM constitutional amendment in 2004 (didn’t see a cite on this year’s vote) and against bannign gay people from adopting in DC.


Whether that reflected any sincere belief on Foley’s part or a desire to avoid being outed (there was a whispering campaign not too long ago) I don’t know.