Another sovereign citizen embarasses self in public, offers to stop police chase for $300,000

Article also notes that “Jenna”, I suppose not “JENNA”, has also been Facebook stalking a deputy after a DWI charge for which she failed to appear and on this occasion is charged with DWI, felony fleeing to elude arrest, driving while license revoked, careless and reckless driving and driving left of center. Like a boss. (Sorry. Like a sovereign.)

And making Demands. :smiley:

I notice she also doesn’t recognize the authority of the police to tell her to face right during mug shots, either.

We really need to find some worthless hunk of land to dump all these “sovereigns” in. North Dakota, maybe. Wall it off and let them suffer the logical conclusion to their delusions. If nothing else it would make for “Must-See” TV.

It’s funny in the abstract. Not so funny and dangerous if you have to deal with these nut jobs in person.

North Dakota has too many nukes.

The cops should have taken her offer. It was a bargain. I charge $500,000 to stop and another $200,00 to answer questions.

Wyoming? Or maybe work out a deal with our northern friends and put them in Yukon?

Three of the nut jobs were actually acquitted here not long ago, bafflingly enough, despite admitting to their acts (which included taking possession of foreclosed homes and in one case, an entire shopping mall using forged deeds) and despite acting as their own counsel in the trial, the traditional “fool for a client” scenario. Not sure if the jury wasn’t convinced that racketeering applied, or it was a case of nullification, or they were just complete fucking idiots, but there you have it. Breaking into vacant homes and businesses and claiming ownership apparently isn’t a crime, just like the “sovereign citizens” claim.

A few of the others in the same ring had already pled guilty, and I presume are kicking themselves now.

There’s a hand reaching in and holding her in place for the full-face shot, too…

Oh yay, it’s from Myrtle Beach. :rolleyes: Go South Carolina!

Fucknuts, the lot of them. Totally batshit.

If a moron like Jeniffer Herring want to declare herself the sovereign republic of Jenna, then she should accept the consequences. She surrenders all her legal rights as an American citizen. She’s just a tiny little country and the only rights she has are those she can support for themselves against the United States, which is a really big country.

I’m guessing it’ll be a short war.

I remember several years ago some nutball group of secessionists in Texas were in the news making angry arguments that Texas was never legally admitted to the Union and they should be allowed to secede with their little compound. My argument was that we should go ahead and allow it - then declare war, conquer and annex their little compound-sized country. Problem solved :).

Even better, not allow free travel into the now foreign country of Texas. Passports, visas, customs searches, the whole thing.

Redneck Riviera

Holy shit, I know that whole area. Those people are nutbars, the lot of them.

My favorite part

Officer: Get out the car mam.
BSCwoman: Is that a request or a demand?
Officer: Actually it is a demand. Get out of the car.
BSCwoman: I conditionally accept on the basis
Office: Get out of the car and shut up.

Holy crap. These people don’t really get that whole ‘living in a society’ thing, do they?

I wasn’t aware McCain-Feingold was now part of the FotL canon.

They don’t do too well here in the Great White: Meads v. Meads, 2012 ABQB 571 (CanLII), <>.

Alcatraz, and cut off boat service.