Another teenaged airplane thief

Remember the ‘Barefoot Bandit’, who robbed houses and stole airplanes? Well here’s another teenaged airplane thief. While Colton Harris-Moore had a habit of crashing/crash-landing them, self-taught pilot, 18-year-old Geoffrey Biteman used the stolen 1971 Cessna 150 for months.

He was sentenced on state charges to 60 days in jail, 60 days home confinement, five years probation, $1,000 fines, and to make restitution to the owners.

ETA: I’ll have to re-read the article, but he may have returned the plane to its hangar after using it; which would explain why he could avail himself of it for months.


If I was the judge, I would have denied bail just so I could use the phrase “flight risk”.

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i’d say the real risk presented was up in the air.

Nice one! :slight_smile:


Stealing planes is the only way I can afford to fly anymore.

He should have been smarter about it…

Kids these days, no foresight…

He got complacent.

He must have some sort of religious conviction. Clearly he was operating under a wing and a prayer.

This is what happens when you have helicopter parents.