Another Theology Thread

Except in this one, I don’t want to know why you believe something. I just want to know what you believe. I just want a poll, not a debate.

I would describe myself as an atheist, agnostic and apatheist.
By that I mean I believe god doesn’t exist, that it’s impossible to tell either way, and that it doesn’t really matter anyway.

I’m open to the possibility of god. I just think it’s not likely. As an analogy, I also believe it’s possible, but unlikely, that physics doesn’t actually follow consistent laws, but rather, just by dumb luck, every experiment done shows they do.

My idea of god is that of an analogy to an author. When you write a story, you’re the god of that universe. You’re perfectly omnipotent and omniscient in that universe. This neatly sidesteps the logical paradoxes that come with those two attributes. Any other conception of god, I believe, does not deserve the term “god”. (I don’t really like it because that means nothing actually causes anything else, everything just does what god wants. But hey, I don’t think it’s actually true, so…)

This is why I don’t believe it’s possible to know whether or not god actually exists. If the hand of god were to come down and say “I’m God. Worship me” in a thoroughly convincing manner, that could be god’s avatar in this universe or it could just be an extremely powerful being, which as I said, doesn’t deserve the name god. Of course, if god wanted us all to worship him, we would, since he would control our actions.

And that’s also why I don’t think it matters either way. If he exists, then we act exactly as he wants us too. And if he doesn’t exist…
I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a belief quite like mine. Maybe I should name it…

So, what do you believe?

That which is.

I’ve described myself before as being Agnostic Apathetic. In other words, I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m not actively hostile to the idea of a deity…I just don’t care if one exists or not.

I’m agnostic – I think there’s some secular humanism in here, too.

I’m not apathetic: I was a practicing Catholic until about 8 years ago, and religion and faith are topics that I have read about, discussed, debated, and soul-searched (at varying levels of intensity) because of since I was an undergrad. I’m comfortable with my beliefs, but I did not come by them easily, I do not think of them very lightly, and they are nowhere near set in stone.

I also have no delusions of superiority: I don’t believe that those who have faith are weak, or stupid, or sheep. I don’t credit my agnosticism to any sudden “coming to of my senses,” I don’t feel like I see organized religion “for what it truly is,” and I harbor no resentment or ill will toward the Catholic church – in fact sometimes I miss it, warts and all.

I sometimes refer to myself as an atheist, sometimes an agnostic, and now I suppose I should add apathetic.

The bottom line is that I see no reason to believe in a supreme being (atheist). And even if there is one (agnostic), I no longer waste time pondering the existence of something that has no relevence to my own life (apathetic).

Opportunistic Evangelistic Atheist here.

I’m an ambivalent atheist.

Anglican Christian, with a dash of open theism and some humanism mixed in.

I’m an atheist.

I find most religions interesting but somewhat outdated and intellectually lazy.

hopeful-universalist charismatic C’tian

If you’re looking for a title, I’ll call myself atheist Hindu. Hinduism, stripped of its gods, resembles secular humanism quite a bit.

Tree-huggin’ neopagan dirt worshipper.

I generally describe myself as a Pantheistic Hedonist.

I’m not sure labels are good for ‘what you believe’, but mine, depending on relevant context, are Egyptian recon, Feri witch, and hard agnostic (“I don’t know and you don’t either”). I could probably fish up a few others, but that should do.

Antitheist, with an occasional bent toward Militant Atheism.

Atheist, antitheist, theocidal. I don’t believe in God, I don’t approve of believing in/following God, real or not; and if God was real I’d want to kill the bastard.

Recovering Catholic.

Yeah, I think that too. That’s why I did more than just give a title in the OP. I kinda thought people would follow my lead. Oh well

I would still be Catholic, but they don’t want me. So now I’m just…nothing, I guess. “Not applicable/no answer”.

I’m a Christian. Some would call me a “fundamentalist” though I prefer to call myself an “Observant” Christian (much like my Orhodox Jewish friends call themselves Observant Jews).