Another Thread Not Taking Addl. Posts

Over in GD, “Could Hitler have gone to heaven” ( ) is refusing to accept additional posts. I tried with both the top and bottom “post reply” buttons and also by opening an old “post reply” link and changing the threadid number; all three ways led to a “no thread specified” dropdown box screen.

Too bad, because it was one of my better comments, too. :wink:

Hmmm, I just made a test post to that thread, Poly. It worked splendiferously for me. I hope you saved your post.

I only see 44 posts in this thread, which is not a lot.

Dunno what happened. Can you tell me what time you tried to make this post? I’ll check with the techs to see if there was anything going on with the board that made that happen.

your humble TubaDiva

About three or four minutes before my post above, so about 11:34 Chicago Reader Time. I probably took ten minutes to try to make the post the three different ways. And no, Unc, I lost it after the third attempt.

Just went to try to post to the Hitler thread again (1:14 AM EST).

It loaded “Done, but with errors on page” – the only obvious things being the six icons at upper right were replaced by the “I can’t show this” boxes that MSIE uses.

I got the “ain’t no such thread, where do you want to go” dropdown box again.

Intriguingly (and I tested this, not expecting to be able to do anything, but just for the trouble report), the moderator-only things that show on normal-member screens, like open/close thread, edit thread, which normally take one to a login screen for one’s moderator password (I presume), told me they were “done” and displayed a blank screen – but evidently did not actually do anything to the thread.

And I did see Uncle Beer’s test post, with other posts following.

I kind of doubt it was my ISP. And I reloaded the thread several ways before bringing the problem up again. Given all that, it might be worth having the techs check it out, even if it works OK for you and others.

And I’ve decided I don’t care whether the world ever gets my gems of wisdom on Adolf’s putative salvation. :wink: