Another transmission mode for Zika?

If a person carrying the Zika virus were bitten by one of our local mosquitoes, would that home-grown mosquito then be a carrier and be able to pass the virus to the next person she bites?

Ref this, the answer depends on the species of “local mosquito.” But for most US mosquitos the answer seems to be “no.”

Also note that Zika-compatible mosquitos are slowly spreading around the world.

Thanks. In reading that article I see that humans in some locations have been coping with Zika for a number of years, but there’s no mention of a high number of babies with hydrocephaly. Perhaps the high correlation is only now being noticed. There’s not any media mention of what caring for these infants will involve.

I think you might have mean microcephaly? It’s a bit different than what you said…

Anyhow, where zika is originally from, Africa, most women have probably already had it by the time they become pregnant and thus it’s not a factor. It when you get the infection during pregnancy that the baby seems to be affected.

Zika reached the western hemisphere mainland only in 2015 - you have a population of millions with no immunity whatsoever to the virus. That’s why it’s spreading like wildfire. Once everyone has been infected and recovered it will be much less of an emergency or problem.

That’s probably because it varies enormously. Some babies die of it. Some are only minimally affected. Some will require 24/7 care for life, others (albeit a minority) have been able to become independent, self-sufficient adults despite on-going problems. Most fall in between those two extremes.

Yes here in Thailand we have the right one and they are very worried about the possibility of a local outbreak. We currently have a dengue fever outbreak here, Dengue Fever and Zika are covered by the same mosquito, the Aedes.

Microcephaly is indeed what I meant, can’t even blame it on autocorrect. I appreciate your detailed explanations. I have a much better understanding now of the current Zika problem.