Another Urban Legend?

This topic was inspired by the thread about wierdest places to make love. I’ve always been highly amused by the story about the old Dating Game, where whatshisname asked some guy “Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee” and the guy said . . . well, you all know what the guy said. I don’t know why I found the story so funny (my inner twelve-year-old, I guess), but did it really happen or is it just another Urban Legend?

No, I don’t know. What did he say?

It’s false. See for a more detailed explanation.

Thanks, Strainger; that’d about what I thought. Louie, I’ll let you look it up yourself. I must say, as a final comment, I’ve always heard the ‘older’ version, not necessarily attributed to a Black couple – not that it matters.

“Louie, I’ll let you look it up yourself.”

Hey, You asked the question. I didn’t know what the heck you were talking about, either.
If Strainger hadn’t jumped in I would have had no idea what to look for.
I’ve probably watched the old Dating Game twice in my life. Never the new one.

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Similar story that I’m sure is mythical is about the old Newlywed Game. Wives were asked what road sign should be over their beds. Typical answers were Stop, Yield, Curves Ahead. One husband’s answer was Slippery When Wet.

Chuck Barris mentions it in his book (one of the two, anyway). I don’t recall the title (airplane reading); it was a work of fiction “based on real life” acc. to the disclaimer… He claims it was true, but who knows ?

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The funniest thing about this urban legend is that there are people out there who swear they actually saw the episode in which it was said. Very odd…

Mangeorge, I recognize that without Strainger’s link you wouldn’t have any way to look it up. It’s precisely because Strainger included the link that I didn’t feel I had to draw you a picture. Sheesh.

There’s a new version of this urban legend where a radio DJ has a contest where the winner is the caller who did it in the wildest place. This guy calls up and sez it was on a subway or whatever. The DJ doesn’t believe him and calls up his wife or girlfreind or whatever on the air with the poor sap on hold.

If she can answer right, they win the prize.

The DJ asks the girl on the air, with her husband on the other line, where the wildest place they ever had sex was. Of course, in the conversation the guy and girl give out their real names on the radio. You can guess the rest.

I’ve had this story emailed to me three different times by three difeerent prople and each time it’s a different radio station on the other side of the country of course.

The fact that people claim to have seen this is not so odd. I find many people will make things up that don’t exist or lie about seeing something to fit in. Totally irrational.

In fact sometimes i like to bait these people by saying something like “Hey did you see that movie with Merryl Streep (sp?) and the police dog?”

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My grandmother still tells the story of the kid star back in the thirties or forties who said “GoodBye, Kids!”, and then, mistakenly thinking the mike was off, added “you little bastards”. My understanding is that the story is apocryphal, but it’s a good story anyway.

Of course you got me thinking of the famous line by Groucho Marx on his old game show. He was interviewing the contestants, and one lady remarked that she had 13 children. “Thirteen children!”, Groucho said, “how did that happen?” The lady replied, “Well, I love my husband very much.” And Groucho said…

–The lady replied, “Well, I love my husband very much.” And Groucho said…–
And?.. What did he say? Boy for a bunch of people that aren’t afraid to talk about oral sex and the what not, you guy’s sure don’t like to finish your stories! :slight_smile:

no matter where you go…there you are

I had to wait for somebody to ask!

He said “Lady, I love my cigar but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.”

This story, by the way, is NOT apocryphal, although only the studio audience heard it; it was not allowed to go out over the airwaves.

Regarding: remembering things that don’t exist.

I don’t think lying or making things up is necessary to explain how people recall things they didn’t actually see. If you’ve ever listened back to a tape recorder conversation you will be amazed at a) the things on the tpae you didn’t remember, and b) the things you thought you remembered that aren’t on the tape.

I think failure of recollection is the real culprit in a lot of these cases, augmented by bits and pieces of info that get mixed in.

For example, regarding the legend of the kid star who said “you little bastards,” thinking the mike was off: years ago, there was a television commercial for a record album containing bloops and blunders (you know the kind of record: "order now–not available in stores). The narration very clearly asked, Do you remember the kids show host who thought he was off the air? This was followed by a brief sound bite, allegedly from the host: “That out to hold the little [BLEEP]!” Was the recording real? Or was this staged to help sell the record? I don’t know, but it’s easy to imagine that someone could have heard this ad and then come to believe that he had heard the actual show.

By the way, something very much like this did happen to Howard Cossell once, during a football broadcast. During a break in the game, the show was supposed to cut away to a commercial or something. He wasn’t on screen, but microphone was open, and some technical difficulty apparently ticked him off, because he let loose with a string of profanity. I saw this, years ago, in the days before home videotape, so I have no way to confirm it. Unfortunately, you just have to take my word for it (at least, I’m not relaying something that was heard by a friend of a friend).

Oops! Went to the Urban Legends website at the lind above, where I found that the ad I mentioned was NOT real! It was a fake–a “recreation” of an event that never happened.

Still, my original point stands: hearing that ad no doubt convinced many people that there really was a kiddie host who forgot the mike was on and said, “That ought to hold the little bastards!”

Has anyone else heard the sound bite of Casey Kasem doing the Top 40 Countdown? He starts off with the typical “This dedication goes out to (blah blah) lovers who (blah blah)” and then, due to studio/technical difficulties, he goes into an expletive-ridden rant for the next few minutes. Is this real or a fake? I’m pretty sure it never aired.

It would definitely never air, because that show is not live. I know this for certain because I used to temp for a company that made the CDs with Casey’s show. I would spend 8 hours a day putting the CDs and literature into mailing envelopes and addressing them to radio stations all across the country.

I heard the Casey Kasum rant on the Howard Stern Show. I’m not sure if it was edited to make it sound worse than it really was, but I heard it legit.

Kasem is trying to read some dedication for his Top 40 show and screws it up. He then goes on a rant about the piece (I think it was about a dead dog and Kasem goes off about reading a piece about this damn dog.)What probably happened is the board op, the poor sap who has to put up with these egos all day long, saved the tape and sent it out.

There was a videotape of late anchor Jessica Savitch going on a rant during a Channel 3 Philadelphia newscast that was circulated by TV stations in the early 80s.

Apparently someone screwed up Savitch’s cue cards. Savitch was in a stressful contract dispute with KYW at the time, and when the cameras went off the air after she flubbed on camera, she went postal with cameras still taping. Whoever saved the tape edited it with an orchestra playing in the background to make it look like Savitch was conducting an orchestra while throwing her hands in the air. Savitch was not well liked in the industry.

I think this kind of things happen all the time in the entertainment industry. As a stage actor, I’ve seen many usually very easy going thespians go off on a temper tantrum during rehearsal out of frustration in forgetting their lines. Present company included.

I’ve heard the Casey Kasem sound bite unedited (you can find it at, and its pretty bad, but kudos to the guy who saved it. He complains about the dedication to the dead dog, the fact that he has to read it coming out of an uptempo song; then proceeds to complain about being on late or overnight hours in some markets.

Cleveland-area folks will appreciate this: Somewhere, I have a 12" hub full of tape that I kept from when I was operating the Cleveland Indians Radio Network, of Tom Hamilton and Herb Score before and after games and between innings. Tom Hamilton can be the grouchiest, most foul-mouthed guy when things don’t go his way. Sometime, I should publish a transcription of this stuff–it’s gold.