Another "Welcome" thread!



Anyone else?

I just noticed these two posters and I think they’ll make great additions to our little family.

Don’t forget NoPretentiousCodename You will make a fine addition.

(Wait a minute, I was never welcomed here, who am I? I am not even an official Doper yet)
Someone welcome him will ya?

[Hypnotised]**Hypno-Toad ** will be a fine addition, and a great leader who will someday make a supreme President of earth[/Hypnotised]

And Welcome **Iceland_Blue ** too.

AndNoPretentiousCodename and Sensualips

Lobsang Thank you …Does this mean I am an official Doper?

(Does a dance) Hehe finally after lurking for 2 years.

I meant not to exclude anyone, of course.

I just thought we needed a happy thread!

So, welcome, Sensualips. What is it about your ips that is so sensual? :smiley:

Welcome, Hypno-Toad, Iceland_Blue, AndNoPretentiousCodename, and Sensualips!

You did read the list of supplies to bring to the ritual, right?


Only my lovers know for sure :wink:

Would my “ips” be appropriate or do I have to out and get something??

:: sweats ::

I’m sure that after suitable consultation, a mutually-satisfactory arrangement could be reached. :wink:

Have we gotten new goats yet?

I think the last initiation wore the ones we had plumb out!

(Lays Sunspace back on the floor, climbs on top)

So, what is your proposal?

Ah, our modulation of the IP address space can be… errr… ah… flexibly… specified in the v4 or v6 domain… ah… oooohhhhh…

oh my

Welcome to the newest newbies!

:: Sunspace looks up ::

And what a welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome. I hope to add some…er, interesting things into the mix here. Hopefuly some intelligent ones as well.

If there’s one thing these boards have established, it’s that Smart Is Sexy. :slight_smile: You all will fit right in.

We’ve also added melondeca, whose maiden thread already contains nudity.

There goes our motto - the SDMB: keeping it PG since 1999!