Another who would win?--A top tier NFL WR vs. a high school x-countr star (racing 5k)

So I had this argument with a friend who’s a cross country star. He runs 5k in about 16 minutes, give or take 30 seconds. Do you think he could beat a Randy Moss or a Marques Colston in 5k?

Yeah…completely different muscle twitch fibers…there is a reason the world class 100m sprinters don’t do the 400m, and vice versa…some of them can move up or drop down to the 200m, but any more than that and it is too specialized.

The fast twitch fibers that allow NFL WRs to run a 4.4 second 40 yd dash do not have long term firing ability and need to recover…the guys running 5Ks have slower twitch muscle fibers, probably run well over a 5 second 40, but can keep it up for longer times.

Yeah, but you are talking about world class athletes where tiny differences become major. The OP’s friend runs about a 5 minute mile pace, which is very good, but it’s not exceptional. Moss and Colston are great athletes and probably could match that pace. I’d say that your friend against a generic NFL wide receiver is a toss up, and whether he could beat Moss and Colston just depends on how good those two are at running distance.

I’d guess that there’s just not enough information. The fact that Moss and Colston are NFL WRs only really tells us that they are in excellent shape as it applies here. One or both might run middle distances for conditioning regularly and therefore would probably be able to beat a x-country teen. Of course, they may never run anything besides sprints and weight training and therefore might struggle at longer distances.

That said, 5K isn’t very far. It’s a short enough distance that a good athlete can pretty much run it without any training. I’m out of shape and can run a 5K, a NFL player would barely break a sweat.

If we were talking about a 10K or farther the more likely that a trained teen could compete with a pro-athlete out of their discipline.

If I was forced to make a blind guess, I’d side with the NFL WR. (Though Randy Moss might not be the first guy I’d want to rely on)

First off. 16 minutes give or 30 seconds (30 seconds is a huge difference in a 5k) is not that great of a time.

Here is a list of the best times for high school boys in Xcountry 5k for 2006. There is no way any of these guys are going to able to run with Ryan Hill.

However, I doubt that many NFL receivers can run a sub-16 minute 5k. These guys have a lot of muscle. Muscle produces heat when you run. This will kill their times. Plus they are not trained specifically for a 5k.

No, you can’t. You can jog a 5k.

A shorter race is actually much more intense than a short race. An olympic 5,000 meter runner will break a sweat. In fact he will be in intense pain for almost the entire race.