Another word besides "iridescent'?

You know when a fabric is woven from two different colors of threads, one in the warp and one in the weft? The result is an iridescent fabric. But is there another word for this besides “iridescent”?

Trying to find a place online to buy such a shawl. Can’t find it.

“Iridescent shawl” is not completely useless.
“Dichroic shawl” pretty much is.
“Pearlescent shawl” gives some promising returns, as does “Opalescent shawl”.

Ahhhh… and one of the hits for “iridescent shawl” brings up the term “cross-dyed.”

I’m looking for a pashmina specifically–but this is a good guide. Thanks.

I’ve always thought the appearance of holograms as used on credit cards and such was iridescent, as are the surfaces of soap bubbles and oil slicks on water.

My dictionary indicates the effect is from different wavelengths in close proximity to each other. Surely you already knew this, but I was just adding to the notion that different colored threads in a woven article are just one way of achieving the effect.

In ‘mannerist’ 16th-c painting (like Pontormo, Sistine-ceiling-era Michaelangelo, etc) the Italians called it “colore cangiante.” For what that’s worth.

The effect when done in weaving with different warp and weft thread is called Moire. Usually done in silk to enhance the reflective qualities.

It’s an interesting effect. Still pictures don’t really do it justice as the reflectance changes with viewing angle.
Moirés can be really irritating if you don’t plan for their appearance.

The effect is captured quite well in this picture of a piece of cross-dyed silk.

Unfortunately, can’t find a single internet source for the pashminas. Damnit.