Another Xbox Question

I’m writing a screenplay and need some help.

In looking online I found that it’s possible to send a message from an Xbox to someone’s phone as a text message.

Assuming that’s true, and I have no way to verify that it is, can the person receiving the message reply back to the Xbox? In other words, can an Xbox user communicate bilaterally with someone who only has a phone and not a system?

BTW, if you know for a fact that no version of Xbox can do this that would be good to know.

Are there any other gaming systems that will allow you to send a message to someone’s phone from the console or using a particular game or app? Assuming you’re connected to the Internet of course…

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Xbox has the Microsoft Edge browser. If you can use the Edge browser to send a text somehow through your provider (I believe I can do this with Verizon and a browser, but it’s been years since I tried), then you should be able to do the same with an Xbox.

I don’t know the answer but it might help if you said which version of the Xbox. Original, 360, or One?

You can’t send text messages this way, as in SMS phone messages. You could send Xbox Live messages to people in this way though.

For added authenticity, the person should have a bunch of insulting messages from random people upset that they lost in a video game.

To clarify, the person would use the native software on the Xbox console and the other person would access the Xbox Live system through a Microsoft Xbox app on their smartphone. Both could type text messages to each other.