Ant road trip

Yesterday while sitting in my car waiting for a friend, I noticed an ant crawling on my dash. I flicked it toward the open window, but it ended up falling between the seats.

This morning, I noticed him crawling on my steerin wheel, so I gave him another flick toward the window. He didn’t make it out this time either.

When I got to work, though, I scooped him up and tossed him out.

Now, the way I see it, this guy traveled around 40 miles after he initially entered my car while waiting for my friend in the park. He sat in my car overnight, and is now roaming an area which is most likely very foreign to him (probably ~4 miles from the original pick-up point).

Will he find his way back to the colony? Will he join a new one? Will he start a new one? Will he just forage for food in his new surroundings and live his life as a solitary ant? Will he just die of loneliness Or starvation?



It won’t be able to find its old nest; ants use scent to find their way back (there was that wonderful joke in “A Bug’s Life” where a leaf fell on the scent trail and the ant screamed, “I’m lost!”).

Ants will be killed if they invade a different colony. And unless the ant is a queen (with wings), it can’t start a new one. It may forage for awhile, but will eventually starve.

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