Antarctica: Anybody been recently?

There are a few older threads about tourism and working in Antarctica. Has anyone been since 2013?

Last I heard, they purposely blew up a a remote outpost to in a vain attempt to prevent a shape shifting alien (possibly in the form of Wilford Brimley) from making it to civilization and taking over the world.

I hate that about Antarctica. Also, I hate when Elder Things perk up, too.

Okey-dokey. Guess I’ll have to get there myself if I want to find out more.

I think this fits a little better in In My Humble Opinion.

A colleague was working at McMurdo as recently as 2014. She apparently still has some contacts on the ice.

PAEwas the contracting agency for her position.

No - too touristy.


Damn! I came back to make another Cafe Society-style, unhelpful post about the GWAR Mythos…

Discovery of Gwar
While fleeing the U.S. on possible drug charges, Sleazy P. Martini ends up crashing his helicopter in Antarctica, where Gwar has been imprisoned by The Master, frozen inside a cavern. Sleazy stumbles into the cavern and, upon removing his fur coat to reveal a shiny suit that reflects the sun’s rays, he inadvertently frees the members of Gwar by melting the ice in which they’re imprisoned. Gwar is preparing to kill him when Balsac the Jaws of Death convinces them to ally with Sleazy due to a prophecy about the excellence of whoever would free Gwar. (The decision to join Sleazy was easier thanks to Sleazy giving them crack cocaine, for which they developed an instant affinity.) He teaches the band to play their instruments and brings them to America. (These events are recounted in a flashback in Skulhedface.)

I went as a tourist this past February with Quark after I stumbled onto a great sale and couldn’t resist. I had a spectacular time; the ship goes to the antarctic peninsula and I was able to kayak and see a lot of penguins, whales, seals, and seabirds. Anything specific you want to know?

Yes, were there any polar bears? I’m not going if there aren’t any polar bears.

My mom was there a couple of years ago. They made landfall in a few spots, and in one of them, it was warm enough that she was even able to go wading (up to her ankles, anyway).

Polar bears are only in the northern polar regions.

What a rip, I want my money back.

Store credit only. Might I interest you in penguins? Thousands and thousands of penguins! You don’t get those in the north.

Thank you, I’ll take three.

Chopped and deep fried? Or penguinburger?

Well I was kind of hoping to give them to my neices and nephews as presents, but now they’ll only cry.

Then I have achieved my goals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Penguins is practically chickens

Everything is practically chickens.

Andygirl, thanks. I’m most interested in the opportunities to see wildlife. I’m also interested in how to dress for such a trip. I’m hoping to go in the next few years.