Antarctica has a fire department

The BBC have published a nice little article about an Antarctic firefighter.

A colleague at my former job worked as a dispatcher for the Antarctic Fire Department. Not a lot to do in in winter, but standbys for flights during summer kept them busy.

Yeah, it could get serious in the winter when there is no way to get help, no way to get home, and nowhere to go. Here is a great site all about the Amudsen-Scott South Pole Station from an insider. It is so serious that the station has a refuge area called “the lifeboat” completely sealed off from the main station with fireproof walls and doors, and has its own power plant, fuel supply, food, etc. Check all the pages at the bottom of this page for a fascinating look inside:

The page titled “Living and Working at the Amunsen-Scott…” has links to all the areas of the station. Here is the one for the lifeboat:


Cool. :cool:

No doubt. Sort of like a ship or submarine. Fire is one of your biggest dangers when you got no where else to go.