Anthrax lfrom Iraq?

Did the anthrax from the letters sent to Congress and the media come from Iraq?

It would be an intriguing theory except for one obvious problem; between the U.N. inspectors before the war, and the U.S. searchers after the war, no one has found supplies of anthrax in Iraq, nor the sophisticated laboratories that I would asssume would be necessary to weaponize anthrax in this way, nor any scientists who claim or admit to working in such a program. Nothing like that has turned up in Afghanistan, either, which we assume is where most of the al-Qaida leadership was at the time.

Given that the letters were said TWO YEARS AGO to have definitely come from America, I’m gonna say ‘no.’

Right… And Bushy didn’t use this Great Knowledge while desperately holding on to the claim that the never found WMD’s in Iraq exist.
Someone should congratulate the author of this article… If there wasn’t enough indication already about the lack of capabilities of the US president and his crew, this writer provides for it.
Salaam. A

Good lord. The anthrax used in the letters was DNA tested and found to be an American weapons grade strain. I am too lazy for a site.

Although I agree with other points in this thread, and it seems unlikely that the anthrax came from Iraq; but if it had come from Iraq, it still would have tested as American, because that’s where Iraq got its anthrax from. The US government sold it to them, I believe in the 80s.

I believe the United States keeps track of what specific strains of anthrax we sell/give out; it would not be hard to check if the post offic anthrax were from a strain that was given to a foreign nation.

This site seems to sum up the info out there well, and notes when reporting a fact vs. theory. Or it’s a clever ruse. Shrug