Anthrax murderer... are there any leads

This seems to have fallen off the cliff of news for years. A murderer/terrorist at large, who as far as I’ve known is yet to be caught. I think Muslim terrorists have been ruled out in favor of a home-brewed type.

I doubt that there ever will be.

In order to safely handle & package anthrax, you need gloves, protective gear, face mask, breather, etc. So, no hair samples, fingerprints, DNA, etc.

The envelopes would likely be handled with protective gear, too.

No witnesses, obviously.

Unless we get a deathbed confession, this is a blank wall, grey & featureless.

I wonder if the anthrax killer wasn’t careful enough, and ended up being one of his own victims.

Nothing in a year or more. The story stopped about the time we were supposed to get the results of the genetic analysis which would tell us for sure that the organism didn’t come from fort Dietrich.

Anyone ever hear the results? I never did.

They could narrow down the search a little: the media and Congress were targeted, the perp had access to the stuff and felt capable of handing it, and they never pinned it on any of the people they jailed for immigration violations.

Last I heard, the Federation of American Scientists were griping that none of them had been asked for information, and (some) members were volunteering to be questioned.

If this sounds crabby, in important security matters I resent the appearance of incompetence in investigation.

IMHO, the Feds are too focused on the one suspect that they had (or as they called him “person of interest”) to able to find the person responsible. Hey, guys, remember Gary Condit? Huh? Do ya?

I dunno; I don’t think Gary Condit had a background in microbiology. I doubt he would have had the technical know-how to have pulled off the attacks.


Also, remember Richard Jewel.